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try spraying a little WD40 on it. this usually works better than finger nail polish remover or anything with acetone in it, and doesnt strip the paint.

Lemon furniture polish worked really well for me. :)

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Inused pledge furniture polish...Worked like a charm.
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Q: How to get sticker residue off of a painted surface?
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How can i get glue off of a paint on a car from a sticker?

WD-40 works. Spray some on a clean cloth and rub gently over the residue from the sticker.

How do you clean glue from stickers off whirlpool range?

Use Goo Gone or Goof Off, either will remove sticker residue.

How do you get a sticker off your car?

With gas and a metal spatula or a blow dryer and a spatula! Once you have peeled off most of the sticker and you still have some sticky stuff left, try spraying some Goof Off on a clean rag and gently rub off what remains. This will remove the sticky residue easily. WD-40 also works in removing the residue.

How can one remove bumper stickers without damaging the car?

The best way to remove bumper stickers without damaging the car would be to heat the sticker with a blow dryer for about a minute, then begin peeling off the sticker slowly. After it's off apply Goo Off to remove residue.

How do you get residue off of hard wood flooring?

Lightly sand the residue. Varnishes seep into the wood so you wont take the colour off right away like with painted surfaces. Don't sand it too heavily. Of course if you wish to sand and buff the entire surface of a poor condition floor then a heavy sanding may be what you want however I am going to assume the residue you speak of is a result of surfacing the floor in the first place.

How do you get sticker residue off of glassware?

Spray WD40 on to it and then rub with a cloth. Or soak it in hot soapy water for 30 minutes or so and wash as usual.

What household solvent will removing adhesive used for car decals from metal?

The best remover of glues that I have used is lighter fluid for Zippo lighters. === === There are many solvents available at your local auto parts supply store which work, BUT the most important step to make any solvent work much better is to break the weather resistant surface seal of the sticker by the use of sandpaper. Be careful to sand only the decal or sticker, not the metal surface! The breaking of the weather resistant surface of the decal or sticker will allow much better penetration of whichever solvent is used, and thus shorten the time required to remove the sticker. === === An 80 year old lady told me this trick, and it works. Once you have the sticker/decal peeled off, use eucalyptus oil to remove the sticky residue left behind.

Why a disinfectant that has a residual is preferable?

Once the disinfectant has been wiped off and there is no residue, bacteria will start to land on the surface and quicky accumulate, breading on any food avalible. With a residue, there is some disinfectant left to kill of the airborn microbes so the surface stays cleaner for longer.

How to remove melted on sticker adhesive from brand new cast iron pan?

Don't buy a new cast iron pan that has a sticker on it. I made the same mistake. Nothing seems to work.ANS 2 -If it's on the outside ,scrape it off with a wood chisel. Then rub residue with Goo Gone. If on the cooking surface I would return the pan to store.

How do you get crude oil off of a car's painted surface?

A little WD-40 on a soft rag and rub gently.

How do you get the sticker residue off a new exterior door?

what I've read and I've tried this believe me this works... collect saliva in a bucket and leave it in the sun for a day, brush it over your door to not only to remove residue of stickers but to repel stickers in the future. I know It's wierd but it works. Or, you can try WD-40 or "Goof Off"-this works better.

How to remove scraches off the back of an iPod touch?

You actually can't. A scratch is an engraving. If you want to remove smudges from the back of an iPod touch, use a baby wipe, or something like that. Don't use a wet washcloth because the water will get into the headphone jack and the charger holey thing. If you want to remove sticker residue from the back of an iPod touch without scratching it, peel off most of the sticker, grab a pencil eraser, and erase. Sometimes getting the residue kinda wet will help.

How do you remove sticky residue from price stickers on color handbag without removing the color?

Really, it sounds weird, but peanut butter works on sticker residue. Just put a little bit over the area where the stickiness is and let it sit for a while. The glue should just wipe right off.

I took a sticker off the top of my computer and it left some gunk on it still How do you get the sticker gunk off?

I find most sticker and label goo comes off with rubbing alcohol. It's never failed for me!

How do you remove sticker glue from a plastic surface?

Use Lift-Off or Goo-Gone, on a rag. They work well without marking plastic.

How do you get sticker off air hockey table?

Pick it off with your fingernail or a butter knife, or get a damp paper towel and soak the sticker then pick it off

How to get a sticker off of wood coffee table?

You can try using ice cubes to get a sticker off of a wood coffee table.

If its not a 59fifty do you still leave the sticker on?

If it is any kind of fitted hat and there is a sticker on it, I wouldn't recommend pulling it off. If it is not a fitted hat, I'd recommend taking the sticker off if there is one.

How do I remove sticker residue from new black colored furniture?

Use Goof Off. There are actually a few different products that remove glue, ink, paint, and so on. A small can of Goof Off costs less than $5 at a home center or hardware store.

How do you get the sticker off of non stick cookware?

Use a product called Goo Gone. Works every time to remove stickers and the residue from labels and price tags on cookware, plastics, even picture frames and glass.

What is a sentence with the word residue?

The oily residue was sent to the lab for examination.Go and wash that residue off your hands.

What do use to remove Graffiti?

To remove spray painted graffitti, I have used a steam cleaner, and if the surface is a traincar or brick surface you can use Easy-Off oven cleaner it seems to do the trick for me.

What if you put a sticker on the touch screen and the touch screen didn't work?

Take off the sticker.

How do you get sticker residue off an ipod?

Things you need -wash cloth -item to get sticker residue off -vegetable oil -3 paper towels Okay so this is what i did... I took the wash cloth and put a little bit of vegetable oil in the middle.. Like just enough to see it on the wash cloth. Then fold it in half and squeeze until you can feel some moist wash cloth ( hence the veggie oil.) Then gently take the wash cloth and rub it against the sticker residue and it should come right off. It might take up to 3 minutes so be patient. Then take a paper towel and rub off your fingers of the vegetable oil. Then take the next one and wipe it against the iPod to get most of it off. Then take the last one and rub hard on the iPod where there might be any vegetable oil left. (if it is "slippery" then that's where you want to wipe the paper towel on. Next-wash your hands. Finally- keep in in your pocket for at least 15 minutes and then Voila! you have a clean shiny sticker residue free iPod! Or whatever else your using this for.

How do you get glue residue off a hockey stick?

The best way I found to remove residue from anything is Goo Gone.