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How to git rid of the flu?


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How to git rid of the fly


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You cannot get rid of the flu. It is a virus. The symptoms can only be treated, until your antibodies can destroy the viral structure. This is why you get a flu shot because it significantly reduces the risk of getting the flu.

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Yes, rabbits can get the flu. All you have to do to get rid of it is to give it the proper medicine.

There isn't a way yet to ''get rid of'' swine flu so to make sure u don't get it just get the vaccine for it

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using oseltamavir tablets or syrup

yep it sure can the best way to get rid of a flu is to drink loads and eat loads of chocolate

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Your immune system helps the body get rid of germs.

wash your hands and drink lots of fluids

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No. For the staff and other patients it is not safe if you go when you have the flu. If you have the flu, you also should be at home resting so your body can have all the energy it needs to rid the virus.

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A doctor will be able to prescribe medicines for some aspects of the flu. Usually a person will have to let the flu run its course.

Mucinex or any medication with a good amount of guaifenesin.

Your immune system is the only thing that can get rid of it. If you do get a flu, just keep warm and drink things that contains Vitamin C to boost your immune system.

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People often recover in a week, but the severity can vary a lot, and some people are sick for much longer. In the worst case, you don't get rid of it, it gets rid of you.

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