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How to have an amazing pet cat?

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2011-09-13 05:39:43

Go out and buy one at the nearest pet store

PS:catch one while they last they are so cool soon they will all

be sold out in the pet store because they are so amazing!


if this meant like about training

buy a cat training book

and this may take a while but you can train it how to do roll


play dead or sit stay or something

i saw a cat do all of these on


if you are a kid beg you're parents for one over over over and

over again until they get you one and convince them by sayong ...

please i willl take care of it like feeding it changing the cat

littler or if not even take it outside to use the bathroom,,, if

they still say no even tell them a lot of people in my class have

one... trust me it worked on me

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