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It is very straight forward and simple. There is no secret to it. Drain the fluid from the drain plug that is in the pan and remove all the bolts. The pan should fall from the transmission. If not, pry it with a slotted screw driver gently in several places until it popps off. Once you have removed the old pan, clean the gasket mating surface with some type of solvent to remove the Transmission Fluid. Rubbing alcohol, laquer thinner, mineral spirits, brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner will all do. If your new gasket is rubber, I don't see a need for sealant, place the new pan in place with the gasket on it by screwing the bolts in by hand loosely in a criss-cross pattern until all bolts are in. Then tighten the bolts to 10 inch punds "NOT FOOT POUNDS!!" in the same criss-cross manner. Once this has been accomplished, you should be good to tighten the bolts to the final torque value which I believe is 60 inch pounds. "NOT FOOT POUNDS!!" If you have a cork pan gasket, I would suggest a thin layer of gasket sealing material "approximately 1/16 inch spread by finger" on the pan mating surface before installing the gasket. Take note, when draining the pan, you will only loose 3-4 qts of transmission fluid. Take care not to over-fill when done. Good Luck!

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Q: How to install a transmission pan for a 1990 Toyota Camry?
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no. it not only wont bolt up but the electronics are entirely different.

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I paid $500 to get it replace.

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