How to install back speakers in 2002 neon?

Many people say you must remove the back seat. But I have a 2000 Neon and What I did was just pop off one of the back panels by the back window. Then I popped out the seat belt guides in the back deck and slid the seat belts through the slits in the deck. Then I carefully started pulling the back deck out from behind the top of the seat. It does not seem to be attached, but just snuggly fit in. I was very surprised how easy it came out. Be careful not to bend the deck too much as it seems to be fragile though. After its out, the speakers can be changed. You'll probably need a stubby Phillips driver. Its probably a good idea to test your new speakers at this point, to make sure they work and are rattle free. The stock speakers had a rubber gasket-like material for an air tight fit and cushion. You may want to find a similar material to seal your new speakers. Then just fit the deck back in starting at the back window and flex it slightly to get that tight fit again. The replace the seat belt guides and back panel. I looked all over this site and others trying to find out how to change my back speakers, I hope this helps others.