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How to install back speakers in 2002 neon?


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Many people say you must remove the back seat. But I have a 2000 Neon and What I did was just pop off one of the back panels by the back window. Then I popped out the seat belt guides in the back deck and slid the seat belts through the slits in the deck. Then I carefully started pulling the back deck out from behind the top of the seat. It does not seem to be attached, but just snuggly fit in. I was very surprised how easy it came out. Be careful not to bend the deck too much as it seems to be fragile though. After its out, the speakers can be changed. You'll probably need a stubby Phillips driver. Its probably a good idea to test your new speakers at this point, to make sure they work and are rattle free. The stock speakers had a rubber gasket-like material for an air tight fit and cushion. You may want to find a similar material to seal your new speakers. Then just fit the deck back in starting at the back window and flex it slightly to get that tight fit again. The replace the seat belt guides and back panel. I looked all over this site and others trying to find out how to change my back speakers, I hope this helps others.


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Remove the back seat with a number 55T torque screw socket and then you can slide out the back panel to get to the speakers.

there are NO speakers in the "rear" doors of a Neon.

6.5 inch in the front, 6 x 9 in the back

you hump them until they start to get dents. then replace them they are discusting now.

; In-dash stereo : 7-3/16" depth ; Front speakers : Dash : 3-1/2" : Front Door : 6-3/4" ; Rear speakers : Rear Deck : 6x9"

Do not install a used timing belt on the 2003 Neon. Install a new belt.

first pop up and pull out the bottom seat then use a star head bit an rachet to pull off the back rest of the back seat then the back panel covering the speakers should come out.

I have a 1997 Dodge Neon and the Door speakers are 6 1/2 inches and the back speakers are 6x9 inches... i had to replace the door speakers because they were junk...(so i do know from experience) i replaced the 6 1/2" speakers with lightning audio speakers from walmart! they work great :) http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/autoinfo/autoinfo.asp?sl=Y&vb=Y&lp=%2fm_399%2fCar-Speakers.html%3ftp%3d12

how long does it take to install a heater core in a 2000 dodge neon

Could have either on the rear. Both were an option.

3" Dash tweeters 6.5 inch front door speakers 6"9 rear speakers

Nearly all of the parts on a 2001 Dodge neon are interchangeable with the 2002 Dodge neon. The models are almost identical.

door speakers are 6.5" and rear deck speakers are 6"x9" door speakers are 6.5" and rear deck speakers are 6"x9"

6"X9" speakers in the rear 6.5" speakers in the doors 3.5" spearkers in the dash

you get the speaker and smash the neon up then you are done OK !!

yes, but hte weight rating is very low. approx 1000 lbs total

you dont there is no speaker in the door cut a hole ....make sure your drunk when you do it :) you dont there is no speaker in the door cut a hole ....make sure your drunk when you do it :)

Doesn't exist on an 02 neon

Remove rear seat, them remove rear deck to get to the speakers.

I was told by the dealer that the 2002 Dodge Neon does not have a servicable fuel filter.

the wires that go to the speaker are covered in a kind of fabric / electrical tape stuff. you can just cut that about an inch or two away from where the plastic piece connects to the speakers, then solder the new wires that come with aftermarket speakers to the old ones. As per getting at them, you gotta pop the bench out (lift on the fron, no screws) take out the anchor bolts at the bottom of the back (holds seatbelts in place) then lift the back up and out. The plastic bits around the seatbelts on top pop out and you can pull the mat away from the metal to get better access to the speakers if you want.

the socket should just turn out in the back under the hood.

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