How to knit in the round and join?

There are several ways to join the end of a row with the beginning to form a closed circle for knitting in the round. This is my favorite:

1. Knit the required number of stitches.

2. Form a circle of the stitches if using a circular needle, or a square if using double pointed needles (evenly divide the number of stitches to each needle).

3. Carefully check that the bumps at the base of the cast on edge are all facing the same direction. If they are not, the circle will twist and will reach a point where it is impossible to continue. It also doesn't form a tube. It is not possible to correct this once the round is joined and if this mistake is made, all the work must be ripped out back to the joining.

4. Place a marker and slip the first stitch that was cast-on.

5. Holding the tail and the working yarn together, knit the next three stitches.

6. Let go of the tail and continue knitting with only the working yarn.

7. When you get back to the beginning of the row, slip the marker and knit the first stitch normally.