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How to look after succulent plants?

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conserves water studyisland sux XD

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Are succulent plants with thorns common in desert biomes?

Succulents with thorns are uncommon. Succulent plants with spines are more common. Cacti are good examples of succulent plants with spines.

What does succulent mean?

Succulent plants are water-retaining plants adapted to arid climate or soil conditions. ...

Do aloe plants have fruits?

No they are a succulent

Do succulent plants have roots?


Desert plants are characterized by?

Desert plants are characterized by?

Which Plants store water in their tissues?


Succulent plants are most likely to be found in?

The dessert.

What plant has stems that can store water?

Succulent plants.

What defines a succulent plant or leaf?

Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems, and also in roots.Nick Lord

Plants that store water in tissue are called what?

Plants that store water in tissue are called succulent plants.

What is the genus of succulent plants of tropical America?


What is the best succulent plant food?

If you're asking what to give a succulent plant to "eat" then any fertilizer will do. if you're asking what is the best food from succulent plants i personaly like "sabres fruit"

What is one thing in nature that contains water?

Succulent plants. Cacti .

Are cactus plants trees?

They are succulent plants, having thick fleshy leaves or stems to store water

What defines a succulent leaf?

Succulent plants store water in their leaves, stems and roots when it is available and save it for a drier time. They add texture and color to the garden.

What are three plants that store water in the desert?

Cacti, agaves, yuccas and other succulent plants store water.

Is a saguaro a cactus or a succulent?

Saguaro is one of the largest cactus species on the planet. Succulent plants are ones that can hold water for long periods of time.

Can a succulent plant live indoors during the winter?

Yes, succulent plants can live indoors during the winter. Just be sure it gets enough sunlight and do not water it too much.

How do succulent plants conserv water?

The leaves and stems of Succulents have adapted to act as moisture stores.

What are all the kinds of plants and trees in the desert?

The plants and trees in the desert are known as succulents. Succulent plants can hold water and therefore can survive without water for periods of time.

What plant stores water and lives in a desert?

There are a variety of plants called succulents that live in the deserts, plants that can store water in their tissues. One group of succulent plants are the cacti.

What rhymes with succulent?

Truculent rhymes with succulent.

What is a herbage?

A herbage is part of herbaceous vegetation. It is the succulent part of the plants like grass that is used for pasture.

Succulent plants have fleshy leaves with thick surface layers These characteristics help the plant?

conserve water

What are four adaptations of desert plants?

Desert plants have several adaptations to help them survive. They are succulent, have drought tolerance, drought avoidance, and spiny pokers.