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performance pipe, carb, air filter and v-stak, racket key

also try a nos kit they make it super fast mine keeps up with a 150cc pit bike now

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โˆ™ 2009-09-22 11:41:29
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Q: How to make a 49cc gas mini bike go faster?
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What is the top speed of a mini dirt bike 49cc?

25-27-mph standard top speed for a mini dirt bike

How fast is the Mini Dirt Bike DB02 49cc?

It's 40mph

Fuel mixture for mini chopper?

40:1 40 parts being gas. I have a 49cc mini bike.

Harley Davidson 49cc mini bike anyone know about the wiring for the starter lights and Cylinoid?

get a wiring schematic for the Aeromacchi mini bike...same thing

How can you tell the difference between a 110cc and 49cc mini chopper if it isn't stamped?

The 110cc. engine will make the bike go about twice as fast as the 49cc. bike. If you can't figure that out than you shouldn't be riding a pocket bike Piston size. a 110cc will be massive vs. a 49cc. block sizes are also a good way to judge. Google it for actual sizes.

How can i make a 49cc 2 stroke mini dirt bike quieter?

i would say as i have the same bike no doubt , take the muffler pipe off of the tail because all that does is make the sound echo ::)

Is it legal for a 12 to drive a 49cc gas mini bike?

i really does not matter your age the 49cc bike has to be 21 to 24 inches in height they are not to be road on main road or streets i have a 49cc of my own i ride were ever because they are legal in Cincinnati Ohio

How can you make a Razor electric mini bike go faster?

A +5 kit from mykwilwin it makes is 5mph faster

Nova scotia law driving 49cc mini bike?

Do u need a licence to drive a moped

How fast does a 49cc engine go on a quad bike?

depending on the mini quad it should go to 30mph-35

Why does my 49cc mini bike over heat after 5 mins?

how do you know its over heating? it most likly not you just think it is.49cc is air cooled meaning no radiater so make sure the engene fins are clean and its getting air

Where can you get parts for a 49cc mini chopper?

id like a diagram of pull cored to a 49cc mini chopper

Is a 49cc mini bike street legal in Iowa?

most likely it's not. anything in Iowa has to have a plate on it to be street legal.

How to 6.5 mini bike motor faster?


How do you make mini motor cycles faster?

how to make mini motor cycles faster

How can you make a baja racer minibike faster?

Loosen the governor which is a screw behind the front chain cover. Search on YouTube,"How to make a Baja racer mini bike go faster."

Which is faster x18 mini bike or x19 mini bike?

the x18 kicks ass, so much better than the x19. It's more reliable, its faster, nd more fun being a manuel

49cc gas mini pocket bike and it goes 30 mph how can you make it go faster and how much faster will it go?

you can simply do it by throttling.even if it s not working throttle in the seqence below: max med low suddenly max perform all this with co-ordination with cltch and gear in this way the inactive part of the engine may work you can also try servicing or channging speedometer

Hi i you have a 49cc mini dirt bike ans i was wondering can it be used in mudy or wet conditions?

just make sure your air filter dont get soaked other then that get it dirty then wash her off yes it is a dirt bike. just make sure you wash it off good when you're done

Is it possible to make a mini bike with the starter motor hanging down underneath the bike?

No it is not possible to build a mini bike with a starter motor hanging down underneath.

What make is the motor on the baja warior mini bike?


Did Harley Davidson ever make a mini bike for Elvis?


How old do you have to be to have a mini bike?

to have a mini bike i would say 5-10

MB165 mini bike?

it is a bike. :)

What is the best place to buy a mini bike?

I think you mean where and the answer is in a mini bike store.