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Q: How to make a VLC shortcut to open 'directshow' webcam?
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How can you open your webcam?

Click on the shortcut on your desktop.

How doi reactivate my inbuilt webcam in my acer laptop?

You open up your laptop. You then open the web camera option on your desktop. It should be a shortcut on the desktop. You can then set your camera settings. And then use your camera.

What does it mean if a guy asks you to open your webcam on msn?

It means he wants you to open your webcam on msn.

How do you say in Brazilian can you open the webcam?

Pode abrir ( ligar) a webcam ?

How do you activate an inbuilt webcam on toshiba satellite a200?

A person usually does not have to 'activate' a built in webcam. Usually, all they have to do, is have a webcam program that will open the webcam.

How do you use a hp webcam?

you go to start and there will be a searchbar down at the bottom type in hp media smart webcam or whatever webcam you have if an icon says webcam click it and it will open webcam

How do you take pictures with your HP pavilion dv6000 webcam?

you need to open the quick play program which can be done by touching the blue Q to the right of the power button or using the shortcut on the desktop. Then select the camera.

How do you set up the webcam in your monitor?

go to control panel,then webcam,then open, then run it.voila

How do you turn on your webcam?

To turn on your webcam, all you have to do is open up a program that is designated to use your webcam. Some examples are Skype and Yahoo Messenger.

How do you open Fujitsu Lifebook webcam?

First make sure all drivers and software is installed. Then it should be a simple matter to just find the webcam on the computer, click on it and run the software.

How do you activate an inbuilt webcam on toshiba satellite c655d?

goto start and find the webcam file and open it

What is the keyboard shortcut to open a new document?

In Microsoft Word, you can open a new document based on a template using CTRL + N as the keyboard shortcut.

What is the shortcut key to open a file?

ENTER key is used to open a file

How can you open your internet explorer on your desktop?

You can create a shortcut to your web browser by right clicking it and clicking at "Create shortcut". After that, you can move the shortcut to wherever you want.

How do you open a document with keyboard shortcut?


What is the shortcut to open a document in Word?


Where are the hp webcam pictures stored?

Open start, and click on your user name. Then go to documents. Then go to webcam.

How do you create Shortcut to Open Programs Faster?

right click on the folder that has to be shortcutted then press create shortcut then the shortcut will be created right click on it and click on move to desktop

Shortcut key to open calculator in tally?

Cntrl N

How do you open hard disk drive with double click?

Click on the Start menu, then click Computer. Right click on the hard drive you would like to make a shortcut of, and click "Create Shortcut". A shortcut to your selected hard drive will then be placed on your desktop. Double click on your new shortcut to gain access your hard drive.

Where is the webcam on advent roma?

Press the windows button to bring up the start menu and click on control panel. Then click on Hardware and setting and open device manager. Here you will see you webcam icon. Click on it to open up the webcam program.

Where did the technic launcher shortcut go?

The technic launcher shortcut is in the recycle bin just open the recycle bin folder and restore it.

What is the keyboard shortcut to open the Spelling and Grammar dialog box?


What is the shortcut key to open dialog box?


Can you can open the Paragraph dialog box from the shortcut menu?

You can open by pressing key sequence Alt OP.