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Q: How to make boyfriend spend time with you and not his friends?
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My friends hog my boyfriend They're not more than three feet away from him at all times They spend more time with him then I do How can I change this?

Talk to this with your boyfriend and how you want to spend more time with him, communication is key. If you and your boyfriend are going to hang out together and your friends want to tag along humbly ask them for some time alone, as good friends they should respect your wishes and not be offended because he is your boyfriend.

How do Janet Jackson spend her time?

she loves spending time with her boyfriend and having fun with friends.

What do you do if your boyfriend has be takon away from you?

If your boyfriend has been taken away from you, the best thing to do is continue with your life and spend time with your friends and family.

Why does your boyfriend choose to spend time with his friends over you?

A boyfriend may choose to hang out with friends more than his girlfriend, because he may like them better. The boyfriend may also be annoyed with his girlfriend and wants to get away from her.

What do with a boyfriend that doesn't spend enough time with his girlfriend and doesn't make the effort to to spend time with his girl?

find another one who will

What if you like your best friends boyfriend?

If you like your best friends boyfriend, I recommend staying away from them. Don't spend so much time around him, and hang around other boys with things that are similar to the things you find attractive or interesting in your best friends boyfriend.

Boyfriend and no time?

I totally understand this. Don't sweat it. Spend as much time as you can and of course don't forget your friends. Now I understand that with lots of activities and friends plus a boyfriend is stressful. But you could combine some of those things. If you're in school then try inviting over your friends and boyfriend to do homework. If you just have a ver demanding job invite friends and boyfriend over for a movie night or a slumber party. ;)

My friends think I have stopped being with them since i got a bf and I'm not with them as much as i was before but I'm still with them at one out of 2 breaks a day i don't want to have to choose help?

You don't have to choose. Your friends just need to understand that it's no longer just them you want to spend time with. Your boyfriend and your friends are important to you try to spend equal amounts of time together or invite your boyfriend to do things with your friends and vice verse.

What does it mean when you tell your boyfriend he can go with his friends but he says he would rather be with you?

It means he truly cares about you and wants to be with you. Don't be worried about it. It just means that he wants to spend time with you, and there's nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend does it all the time hed rather be with me than his friends.

Your boyfriend is out of town and you miss him very much What can you do to get your mind off of him?

get a hobbie do sports travel spend time with family an friends

How do you get my boyfriend to make out with me more often?

Buy him More things or Spend More time with him.

What if your new boyfriend doesn't have time to spend with you?

if you boyfriend wont spend timw with you ask him bluntly to if he says no ask him why he doesnt what to , he he loves you he should spend time with you anywayz.xx

Jealous of boyfriend's friends?

are your boyfriend friends females? if so, tell him that you don't think it's right that he is friends with females since it makes you feel uncomfortable and you think it will cause problems. if his friends are males and you are jealous of them because he spends all his time with them and is hardly with you, tell him that you think he should spend more time with you. in either case, if he really cares about you he will do what he has to do to make you feel better. if he says he doesn't care and that he will keep doing what makes you uncomfortable, then you need to analyze your relationship with him and ask yourself if you want to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about your feelings.

Boyfriend has own life and I don't?

I'm taking it that you spend alot of time with your boyfriend and no time with any one else but some times you sit at home and your boyfriend goes out with his friends? Well one of my old friends went through the same thing. She got this hot shot senior boyfriend who could drive when we were only sophomores. [Nothing against the age difference my boyfriend and I are two years apart] Anyways, she started to hang out with him more and more until she never hung out with us so we moved on and she lost the really good friendship that she had with every one in our group. So then things happened and her and her boyfriend broke up and she had no one to turn too. It was like as if she had to start all over and make new friends. So I'm not saying don't spend time with your boyfriend, but don't lose your friends by spending to much time with him. Tell him that you need a girls night out and just hang with your girls. He'll understand and if he doesn't then he's not meant for you.

My boyfriend spends too much time with his friends?

Try talking to him concerning how this makes you feel and see if you can't come to an agreement that you can have time with him as well as he has his time with his friends which is when you spend time with your or doing what interests you. There has to be a compromise and if he not willing to do that then maybe you are going to have to rethink your relationship.

What if your girlffriend doesnt make time for you but does make time for her friends?

It just means that your girlfriends want to spend some time with her friends! It doesn't mean she likes you less! Hope I helped :D

Who do Filipinos spend time with on Christmas?

they spend time with familyand friends :)

Do you think Its fair for a boyfriend to say that youre draging him away from his friends but you really want to spend time with him and you think that youre not dragging him away?

woah yo! you gotta give him space. its good to spend time with him, but not every second every day.

How do you tell if your friends boyfriend really likes her?

The boyfriend will try to spend time with his girlfriend. If he doesn't then he is just in the relationship just to have one. If he is always talking about her that's great. If he is not then he is not interested. HOPE THAT HELPED!!!!!!!

You love your boyfriend an all of a sudden he told you he lost interest in you what to do?

Deal with it and move on. Spend time with your friends. The world didn't end and everything will be okay, trust me.

Should you be concerned that your boyfriend doesn't want you to have any friends but him and spend all your time with him?

It sounds like he has a trust issue and is very overbering. I would be concerned.

How to get my best friend to spend more time with me without her boyfriend when he lives with us?

You just simply spend time with your best friend as if her boyfriend isn't existing.......that's it!!!!!

What does it mean when your boyfriend don't want to spend time with you?

It means it's time to find a new boyfriend

How do you forget a boyfriend?

how do you forget a boyfriend? honestly, you dont you just try to move on and eventually you will find someone who is better and doesnt make the same mistakes as the last one did to make you separate!! Keep busy, spend time with friends, go to movies, shopping, volunteer some time to help others, find another boyfriend, even a temporary one. And try to have fun, despite a breaking heart. You will get over him, it will just take a bit of time.

Who is angie hang's boyfriend?

My boyfriend is someone special who always spend time with me and make me happy everday and make me feel special they way i am loves for who i am not how i look like