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after replacing the air bags, you would need to reset the computer after doing this. You can do this by disconnecting the positive battery cable for about tem minutes and then reconect. This should reset the codes and the light will go out.

If he has a new module their should not be any codes! Assuming your car was in a crash, you need to run codes and make sure the new crash sensors are working properly. You did not mention that they had been replaced ?

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Q: How to make the air bag light go out after replacing the both bags and module is there a fuse in the dash i need to replace also?
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Why would a 2003 Ford Ranger 2.3 have an engine miss after replacing plugs wire and coil?

it could be that the timing is a little off check the timing with a timing light, it could also be the ignition module which is very difficult to test on your own you can take the module to advance auto parts and they can test it for you!

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What does it mean when the sensor light comes on in a 1987 Mercedes Benz 190E?

If you are talking about the brake sensors then it is time to replace the front brake pads. You should also check the rears while you are at it. When replacing the front brake pads you will also need to change the sensors also.

Speedometer quits and parking brake light flashes?

it happen to mine also remove the glove box there is a white module to the left of the computer box velcrode to the dash remove to plugs replace it fix your prob one more thing check vacum lines on the speed module and tranie module on the left of your carburator

What wire drives the regulator in a 1986 silverado?

if you replace the alternator will you also be replacing the voltage regulator

What does it mean when the information display on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora is reading check charge system and the little battery light is lit up?

need to replace the alternator Have a scan done on it before you start throwing parts at it it is well worth the 50bucks they charge --Mine was doing the same thing and it turned out to be something in the traction control module that was affecting the pcm module that was in turn affecting the battery light. Does your traction control light come on also ??

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just unplug it but do not have the car on. Also you will have to get it programed.

What causes the brake light to turn on the benz c200?

check the bulbs check the brake light switch on top of the pedal and the last thing is the rear sam thats the rear fuse box its also a module called a sam module s-signal a-activation m- module

Your 2002 ford F-150 has the service engine light on and you got it tested and it detected a misfire in clyinder 1 what could the problem be?

The coil for that cylinder is probably bad. replace it. If you have a coil pack, they run around 60 dollars and are easy to replace. I recommend replacing the sparkplug wires also when replacing the coil pack I have had a bad coil pack fry my wires. Go with motorcraft spark plugs also. The engine was designed for them and some of the other plugs run too hot

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if you replace the water pump also plan on replacing the timing belt and tensioner. they are all part of the same assmebly and can't be done seperately.

Do you have to remove the head gasket and replace it also when replacing a valve cover and spark plug gaskets just curious?

no you do not..hope this helps!!!

When replacing a water pump is it necessary to also replace the timing belt for an 02 Kia Optima V6?

yes over 80,000miles

Is 500 a lot to replace the fuel tank?

Depending on the vehicle, if they are also replacing the fuel pump/sending unit, that price is not out of line. But just replacing the tank alone, it is a little high, again depending on the vehicle.

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Why does fan blow on high all the time but the dash controls wont light up or function at all?

Sounds like loose connection behind the A/C unit. Use coat hangers to get to it , I would also replace the little screw in type bulbs on the top of the module.

Should I rebuild or replace my transmission?

I think you should replace it. The cost in the long run to keep rebuilding all the parts that are falling apart will be more expensive than just replacing it. Also replacing it will prove to be safer too. A website I found on this is .

How do you repair or replace the cigarette lighter on a 1995 Toyota Corolla?

Also you need to be sure the fuse is working in your car before replacing the lighter.

Where is the fuel pump in 1997 Oldsmobile aurora?

pump is in fuel tank. accessible through trunk. if replacing, also replace fuel filter.

What does a tune up for a 1996 Dodge Caravan consist of?

A tune up consists of checking/refilling all fluids, checking the battery and cleaning corrosion if present, replacing the spark plugs and checking/replacing the wires, check and/or adjusting the drivebelt and replacing if necessary, checking and/or replacing the air filter, checking and/or replacing the PCV valve. (Check it by first removing it and shaking it; if it rattles really loud, it's fine..If it doesn't rattle, replace it.) Also check the hoses for damage, and sometimes it is necessary to replace the fuel filter during a tune-up.

Change fuel pump 1991 buick century?

Drop the tank, remove the retaining ring and replace the module. Do the filter also at the same time

Why would a 95 riviera start then stall?

I had the same problem, I had to replace the mass airflow sensor also the computer module ~ runs great now.

Audi 2000 a6. Abs light turned on and brake light is blinking how do you fix this?

take it to a garage take it to a garage more than likely its your ABS module. def. find someone to run a diagnostic on it first before you get a new module. Dont buy a new or reused module either. take you old module out and have it rebuilt. you can get the module rebuilt for 100-200 dollars. a used module will go out on you very soon and a new module will cost at least 1000 bucks. if its not the module, check your abs sensor and your brake sensors from your brake pads. i had the same problem and my abs module was dead and i also had a short in my wear sensor for my brakes.

1987 suburban stopped running now has no spark replaced coil cap rotor electronic ignition module in distributor?

I'm not sure I understand your question. The ignition module is suspect in this case and yes, it's under the distributor cap. You may also want to replace the distributor cap and rotor while your at it, they're cheap parts and hair-line cracks in a distributor cap can be hard to detect. If all of these fail I'd look at replacing the coil and coil wire to the distributor.