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THis be how u make p cake better. -spatula -blubber (rubber) -shoe laces -eggs -Daniel -onions -a vowel and -sports illustrated model Marissa Millers (she sexy) DONE!!!!!

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Q: How to make the pancake batter?
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What is in pancake batter?

Pancake batter is the mix created from various ingredients. This batter is then poored into pan and cooked until solid. Batter is the base ingredient of any pancake. The thing you it is cooked batter served with the toppings of your choice. For information on how to make the pancake batter check the resource link.

Can you make crepe with pancake batter?

spread the batter with a spatula all around the pan

Is pancake batter a mixture or a substance?

Pancake batter is a mixture because there are different ingredients that are in the batter. Once pancake starts to cook, it becomes a substance.

What oats do you make flapjacks with?

you don't make it with oats you make it with pancake batter.

Did aunt jemima make frozen pancake batter?


What does the consistency of pancake batter determine?

The consistency of pancake batter determines how fluffy and thick they are.

Is pancake batter the same as waffle batter?

No its not

Can scone mix substitute pancake mix?

Absolutely! Just make sure the consistency is that of pancake batter. Add a little milk to thin out the scone batter if necessary.

How are eggs used to make panckes?

Eggs tie everything together in a pancake batter. As they would in regular cake batter etc.

Can you use pancake batter to make funnel cakes?

Yes, i believe that would work.

Is pancake batter made of cells?


How much is pancake batter?


What holds pancake batter together?

It is actually the egg and milk in the pancake batter that holds it together. The milks lactose reacts chemically with the flour and many other ingredients and creates gluten, which hardens the pancake batter and holds it together.

How do you make chocolate chip pancakes?

Just make normal pancakes but mix chocolate chips into the pancake batter.

Is egg a main igrident in pancake?

Egg, flour and milk make up the 3 ingredients in pancake batter. I would suggest that flour is the main ingredient.

Is a blueberry pancake a homogeneous?

Not really. The batter is, but the blueberries mixed in the batter remain blueberries.

What conditions can pancake batter make you sick?

I it has too many raw eggs, it could give you salmonella

What can be poured on the griddle or pan?

Pancake batter, oil.

Can Pancake mix be used as batter for onion rings?

Absolutely! You might, however, need to add some spices to give it that extra taste. Just a note though - coat your onion rings with flour and then coat with the pancake batter. It makes the pancake batter adhere better to the onion rings.

What are the spoilage symptoms of pancakes?

Shouldn't you have eaten them by now? Isn't a pancake only a pancake after its been made? Before that it's just batter, pancake batter. So If you've made your pancakes already, just eat them, jeez.

Can you use pancake batter that has been in the refrigerator 5 days?

I would not recommend using refrigerated pancake batter after 5 days. Batters can support the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

Does a egg make pancakes solid?

though egg serves as an stabilizer it is not the reason why pancakes are solid basically the main ingredient of pancake is flour, butter, egg and through addition of water you form a batter and with the application of heat transforms the batter into a solid pancake.

What is the difference between pancake batter and funnel cake batter?

funnel has more sugar + it taste better

Is pancake batter a mixture or substance before it is cooked?

Mixture !!!

Can you store pancake batter?

You can, but it will only be good for a day or two after.