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How to measuer Precision?

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The precision of anything can be measured using a suitably accurate measuring device appropriate to the task. For instance a one metre measuring rod may be accurately measured as being 995mm by a suitably accurate measuring device. The rod will always give a precise measurement, if external infuences do not change, e.g. temperature. It will never be one meter, but will constantly be 995mm. This is precision. If what you are trying to measure is one metre, to an accuracy of 0.01%, then this rod does not meet your needs. Precision is also known as repeatability. Accuracy is the closeness of the indication to the true (real) result.

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What does cup measuer?


What do you measuer in feet?

Length or distance.

A measuer of the force of gravity on an object is?

its weight

How do you measuer weight?

Usually with a scales or a balance

Can cubic meters be used to measuer volume?


How can you tell if you are an A or a B cup?

measuer your self and then you can just tell

What are Privent measuer of hacking?

Please tell me, What is measning of hacking?

What unit would you measuer a small bird in?

0.6 L

Which instrument is used to measuer how fast the wind is going?

wine vane

Which term is defined as the measuer of the mass per unit volume of a substance?


What is precision?

Precision is a writer's attention to accuracy in world choice.

Why is an anemometer inportent in weather a forecast?

it is important because it is used to measuer the speed of the wind so that we can

What is an example for percision?

I think you mean precision.That is a precision machine so don't play around with it.He fired a shot with great precision.His precision makes him a good worker.

How can you make a sentence for precision?

it means i precision you

What part of speech is precision?

Precision is a noun.

What is a sentence for precision?

Precision is key in making clocks to ensure they tell the right time.

How do you use the word precision in a sentence?

He performed the task with expert precision.Precision is very important in his line of work.

Precision and non-precision measuring instrument?

precision instrument: caliper, micrometer non-precision measuring instrument: your hand, a piece of string

What is a synonym for precision?

One synonym for precision is 'exactitude'

What is precision measurement?

Precision measurement is that which has maximum uncertainity

What is the difference between a regular-shaped solid and an irregular-shaped solid?

the difference between the an irregular and regular solids are that an irregular solid has sides that are not even and you cant measuer with a ruler and you can not measuer it exactly. a regular solid you can measure without a problem with a ruler.

What is the latin word for precision?

subtilis : precisesubtilitas: precision

Does standard deviation give a measure of accuracy or precision?


Does percent difference measure accuracy or precision?

It measures precision.

Is precision an adjective?

No. Precision is a noun. The adjective form is "precise."