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I did not have a "popping sound". That might mean its a cable. Rather, my key would not turn. This happened to me today on my 97. I had to let down the rear passenger seats, climb in the truck, remove the trim screws on the truck lid, push the liner back, and use a screwdriver to release the latch--it was at where a little green tab was near the upper part of the latch mechanism. Then the lock still did not work. The lock is now at the locksmith for repair. I'll post tomorrow to say if this worked. I suspect it would be not too expensive to have a bodyshop do this if you don't feel like it. Actually, a body shop suggested I give it a try. Best, David

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โˆ™ 2007-07-16 21:30:41
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Q: How to open or repair trunk lock on 1998 4 cylinder Toyota Camry when neither lever nor master key can open it and there is a popping sound?
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