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How to put in kinky twists?

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wash and blow dry your hair. Use only a small about of conditioner so that ur hair isn't totally dry, but also not too mosturized (because if it is the twist wont stay in). Non relaxed or out dated relaxed hair is the BEST way to start twists. The straighter your hair is, the harder it is for the twists to look fresh.

PART UR HAIR INTO ROWS AND THEN COLUMNS to make little boxes of hair. (just like u would for box braids)

then wrap the weave around the hair (kinky/ Marley) and braid it into ur hair about 1inch of the way down

then use hair from all 3 strands of ur braid and form two strands to start twisting the hair. the tighter u keep the twists the fresher it looks. if u pull hair from all three strands of the braid and add it to the first twist then repeat it for the second twist, it looks better compared to adding 2 of the 3 strands (from the braid) to one half of the twist and the last strand to the 2nd strand of the twist.

after twisting the hair, twist all the way to the end, and then cut off the excess/eneven part of the hair.

to curl the ends, put them in curlers, then dip them in hot boiling water for a few seconds. dry the hair, and then take the curlers out.

all i feel is needed to up keep the twists is an oil sheen/moisturerizer. light oil on the scalp will keep the scalp dry.

if u get ur twists wet, they will droop and give u a whole different look. as long as u keep it dry, they well look full and fluffy.

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Can you get kinky twists with relaxed hair and no synthetic hair?

You can get twists, but they would most likely look like Senegalese twists. The "kinky" part of kinky twists comes from either having natural hair or added kinky textured hair. They will not look like the traditional kinky twists.

Can you get kinky twists with human kinky hair?

yes hunn

How long do Kinky Twists last?

Kinky twists can last 2-3 months depending on how well you maintain them.

Your kinky twists are falling out is it normal?


When you wash your kinky twists want it get frizzy?


Can kinky twists be done with long hair?


Do you use gel when doing kinky twists?

If You Want

Can you do Kinky Twists in different styles?

yes it can just try dummy

What do you wash kinky twists with?

use olive oil regenerating shampoo

Does kinky twists grow your hair?

KiNky tWiSt qR0WS MY hAiR i qEt thEM EVERytiME ... =]l0l . bUt yU CAN WASh thEM WEEkly ND bL0W dRy it NDPUt 0liVE 0il ND qREESE dAily !!!!!

Kinky twist vs micro braids?

micro braids are better in many ways. with micro braids, you can actually style them as you want but with kinky twist you can't really do anything with them but put them in a ponytail. So i would pick micro braids over kinky twists

How long does your hair have to be for kinky twist?

All you need is enough to grab.It doesn't have to be long, if it is shaved in the back the other kinky twists will cover that

What are some names of different weave braids?

All I know is; kinky twists, cornrows, zillions. Sorry I know there's a lot more because I found more but I lost them, but in my opionion I think the kinky twists and zillions are better.

What salons in Omaha do kinky twists?

72 and blondo african hair braiding salon

Can kinky twists hairstyles last for 3 months?

Yes they can depending on how you take care of them.

Any hair salons in Pittsburgh pa that do kinky twists?

most of them do kinky twist but i do them as well and im just as good if not better i can show you a pic if you want

How do you wash kinky twists?

Shampoo your roots, then rinse out with hot water until all is gone.

How many packs of hair you need for kinky twists?

The amount of packs of hair you would need for kinky twists would depend on the size you want them and the brand you get. For the most part if you have at least four or five packs you should be okay and maybe have some left over.

How long do you boil kinky twists?

You really shouldn't be doing them if you don't know how to boil them. 5 minutes.

Can you get kiki twist with your natural hair?

Yes, you can get kinky twists with natural hair. Depending on the length of your hair, the twists might need added hair if you want a lengthy style.

Can kinky twists be cut?

yes you get some scissors then you gentle cute it make shore it is Even BY DIAMOND WALKER

What weave is used in kinky twists?

The kind of weave used to make kinky twists is called Marley Braids. It comes in a variety of colors, and comes in the form of locks of hair that can be separated and twisted in with one's own hair. Also, afro hair can be purchased in bulk and used for kinky twists as well. It is not found in places like Sally Beauty Supply most often, but in neighborhood beauty supply stores. The Marley braid hair comes in three lengths, Short, medium and long.

Can you wash kinky twists?

You can and should if you want your scalp to be clean and your hair to grow to its fullest potential. for instructions go to

Do you have to use weave to do kinky twists?

Unless your hair is naturally afro in texture yes, or it will not stay twisted. maybe mabye not muhahahahahaha

How many packs of hair do you need for kinky twists?

It really depends on how long your hair is, but i would say atleast 3packs, but at the most 4

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