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You probably can't adjust anything that would improve it since the combustion is computer controlled. That of course means that there is another problem causing it like a clogged EGR value, or a bad oxygen sensor, or a bunch of other things. You didn't mention if your car has fule injection or carburetor which is another avenue to explore.

I would suggest going to Autozone and having them plug their OBD1 tester in and see if they get any codes out of the computer. I bet they do, then you will at least know what you are dealing with.

Changing oxygen sensors can be quite difficult if the are rusted in. The also get a healthy price for them. I think they are around 90 bucks each, but I'm not exactly sure.

Good luck with the project.


AnswerThere's not much more you can do farther than stock. You could always get a smaller engine or buy a vehicle from California.
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Q: How to reduce nox emission on your 1989 caprice classic?
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