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How to remove and change the starter on the 1992 Ford Escort GT 16 valves?


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first, remove the battery. this will make the job much easier. then jack the car up on both sides of the front end. crawl underneath and locate starter, its on the backside of the motor beneath the intake manifold. remove the wires on the starter silaniod on the topside of the starter. then remove the metal bracket blocking the starter from dropping down out of the engine compartment (some models). remove the three bolts holding the starter down and remove start by sliding to your right then easing down. good luck


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Yes, but a novice could probably do it in say, two months.

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That is a very involved process. But, in a nutshell: 1. remove engine. 2. remove heads. 3. remove springs, seals, and valves. 4. Get a machine shop to remachine your valve seats. 5. lap the seats to the valves (the valves will not be interchangeable at that point). 5. Put everything back together.

If this is the European Escort This engine is classed as an interference engine. In the event of belt failiure the valves meet the pistons causing the valves to bend and possibly other engine damage.

If you have an Escort that is not a GT you have a 1.9 liter single overhead camshaft with 2 valves per cylinder which is fuel injected.

It's still a lot of labor. they have to remove head to machine the seat. You should have them do a leakdown test to check valves on other head.

The valves are used to change notes.

this is a mechanics job you have to remove inlet manifold,exhaust manifolds,and then remove heads to replace the valves

You have to pull the cam to change the valve disks. The only practical way to do that is to remove the head.

This is true, but the Zetec engine of the zx2 has 2 overhead camshafts and 4 valves per cylinder, whereas the 98 escort lx has 1 overhead camshaft and 2 valves per cylinder. Can't be swapped. They are 2 different engines.

Integral stsrters are embedded with motorised valves. By using integral starter, one can control motorised valves by remotely and locally. Even it can indicate the motorised valves direction of rotation & its final position, Power failure detection , indicate motor winding temperature, auto phase correction and emergency shut down of valve.

head off shims out buckets out and valve spring compressor remove collets and remove valves.

They change the notes.

cheek timing (crank and cam shafts),remove valvecover and cheek valvetran(bent valves and/or stuck valves). what cyl.s don't have comp? cheek for blown head gasket. hope this helps mike mc

Take the head off the engine then you will see the top of the valves. Look on the side of the motor right below the valves you will see a cover with two screws remove them and you will see behind it the stems of the valves - there are two springs you have to push one at a time and there is a slide clip which slides and pops off. Then push the valves up and pull it out of the engine.

A 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 in North America has the 2.0 litre Dual Over Head Cam four cylinder engine ( which has 16 valves )

The trombone - it has a slide instead of valves, to change the pitch of the note.

alright since no one wants to answer my question ill answer it myslef so that way when someone needs this answer they'll have it. alright heres how to remove the head from a 94 escort 1.9 sefi. First u have to remove the head off the top of the motor then u remove the 8 bolts that are inside the head. second remove the 7 bolts that are holding the exhausht headers. third remove the alternator ( you have to remove the alternator because theres one bolt that is holding the head down). third you have to remove the tensoner and the timing belt (remove the tensoner first so you can remove the cover for the timing belt). fourth remove the throttle body and the injetors (careful not to rip any wires i accidently ripped the low oil wire). Now you can remove the head and check your vavles or whatever else u are trying to attempt to do.

It has a 2.0L dual overhead cam engine with 4 valves per cylinder called the Zetec.

remove valve cover, there should be a nut at the bottom of the valve shaft,

Typically not no.... the starters is normally located on the underside of the engine where it connects to the Fly wheel, which in turn is connected to the Crank (this is a simple explanation) The head Gasket is located, typically, on the top of the engine, where the 'head' of the engine is. The 'head' houses the cam and lifters and Valves. In short, no, no need to change the head gasket if you are changing the starter. (NOTE: My answer assumes that by 'starter' you mean 'starter motor' on a standard type engine in a car.)

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