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I have a '93 Passat, so there might be some difference. But then again, a car's a car. I removed mine myself, and payed someone to put it back auto upholstery shop. First, it is a pain in the butt. Remove all the upper trim around the car. The headliner cloth is glued to a something like a huge sheet of cardbooard. The cardborad is glued to styrofoam pads. The pads are glued to the roof. It is very hard to get the cloth back in place to look like new because the cloth is no longer the same size of shape due to time and heat. I replaced my cloth headliner. You can buy headliner glue, but good luck with not getting it to stain...I couldn't....on an older car maybe you don't car. Anyway, I paid abut $250 to get new cloth and have someone reinstall the cardboard headliner. I got the cardboard out of the back doors by bending it slightly and breaking part of it....I glued it all back together using paint sticks on the back side of the cardboard. I have no idea how the experts get that huge piece of cardboard in and out of the doors without causing damage.

In short, my experience is that if you are not an expert then this will be very challenging to make it look good.

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Q: How to remove head liner panel on 1996 passat?
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