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We have a combo Panasonic TV/VCR and the tape has gotten stuck several times. We unplugged the TV, waited a few seconds, and we replugged it in while holding the eject button at the same time on the VCR and it has worked every time. Hope it works for you.

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OMG!ย  This actually worked.ย  Thanks so much for posting this.ย  ย 
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Q: How to remove stuck VHS tape in VCR?
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VHS Tape stuck in VCR and Tracking on?

how do I get a stuck vhs out of the vcr????

How do you tape VHS to VHS?

Use 2 VCR's then push record then stop if its done RIP VHS tape 1976-2009

Is there a difference between a vcr and a vhs player?

Not really. VCR stands for 'video cassette recorder' and VHS is type of videocassette tape that can be played in a VCR.

How can you fix a stuck VHS tape?

Disassemble the VCR by undoing the screws on the back and bottom of the machine. Gently pull on the tape. You may need to unwind the tape to provide slack to work the tape off the tape head.

How can you fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance?

To fix a VHS tape that is stuck at one spot and will not advance, just press the socket at the back of the VHS tape with a pen. The small button will be released, allowing for the white reels to be turned in any of the directions. Turn the reels with a pen, fingers or scissors. When the reels turn, you will be able to find out what caused the blockage. The VHS tape can be unwinded this way. It is common for one of the reels' wheel to get stuck on the VCR's mechanisms while the tape is being played.

What sort of tape does the Sony GVD200 VHS Digital8 VCR useIs it VHS or something else?

The Sony VCR uses typical VHS tapes, just like the ones you rent or buy.

If you play a VHS tape on an Upscaling DVD/VCR combo will it attempt to improve the resolution of the VHS tape?

It depends on the model, see the manual for more details.

When was the first vhs tape made?

The first VHS tape was made in 1971. The initial release of VHS-based devices started in 1976, and the United States received its first VHS-based VCR on August 23, 1977.

How does one transfer VHS tapes to a computer?

To transfer a VHS tape to a computer you need to have a VCR and an A/V input from the VCR to the computer.Also needed is a conversion software program. Once the VCR and computer are connected, the conversion software is used to manage the transfer.

How do you get a vhs tape that's stuck out of the VCR?

That was a problem. You have to keep monkeying with it. Try it with the machine unplugged. Try pushing tape back in repeatedly. Try pushing tape in and down if possible. You just have to keep workign at it. unplug it, then take the srews off of the back of it which will remove the top cover off of it. then the inside of it will be exposed and you can gain easier acces in retrieving the tape and getting it out

When was the VCR video cassette recorder invented?

Video tape recorders have been around since the early sixties, but the first machines were for broadcast studios. The VHS tape standard was invented in 1971 by JVC, and the first home VHS VCR was introduced by JVC in 1976.

How do you convert VHS tape to DVD disc?

Play the tape with the VCR connected to a DVD recorder, or a computer with a capture card or dongle attached.

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