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Q: How to remove the CV Joints on a 2002 AXiom 4x4?
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How do you change ball joints on a 1991 ford f-150 4x4?

This is a general procedure checklist for removing most balljoints on 4x4's. - Remove wheel - remove brakes/caliper/rotor - remove wheel bearing/hub assy/4x4 assy (some assy's don't need removing to replace ball joints, if able to get to joint) - need press to remove joints or a hammer, chisel and lot's of elbow grease. Usually torches make it easier. Or remove the spindle and take to a bench press to remove the ball joints. Most places I know do this. - installation is the reverse Ball joints on 4x4's are typically a job that cost's lot's and for good reason. The joints can be a real treat getting out. Good luck.

How do you remove a front axle on a Honda 420 rancher 4x4?

How do you get the axle out to change the boots on the cv joints

Is it required to break the transmission loose from the engine to drop the oil pan on a 4.7L 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 engine?

Either remove the trans, or remove the front axle on a 4x4.Either remove the trans, or remove the front axle on a 4x4.

How do you replace front ball joints on 91 Nissan 4x4 King Cab?

on the upper ball joints just remove the four bolts on the upper control arm and use a picker fork to remove the balljoint from the steering knuckle. for the lower ball joints you have to remove the axle then repeat the same steps for the uppers

What size wrench is needed to remove the calipers on a 2002 gmc 1500 hd 4x4 sierra?

15 mm

Where is the 4X4 fuse located at in 2002 Ford Explorer?

where is the 4x4 fuse located in a 2002 ford explorer.

How do you remove 4x4 switch 2007 gmc envoy?

how do you remove 4x4 switch on a 2007 gmc envoy

How do you replace the ball joints on a 1995 ford F150 4x4?

Replacing Ball joints Check Related Links Below

How do you remove the ball joints on your 2001 dodge ram 2500 4x4 i cant seem to get my press set up correctly?

pound them out with a hammer and then press the bottom 1 in first

How many ball joints are on a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4?


How do you remove the front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4?

How do you remove a front rotor on a 1993 F 150 4X4

How 2 change ball joints in a 84 Ford F-250 4x4?

The ball joints can be replaced by removing the wheel. Remove the rotor and brakes. Pound the old ball joint out. Insert the new ball joint with a ball joint compressor.

How do you replace lower ball joints on 1990 f150 4x4?

First remove the steering knuckle completely from the truck. Then remove any circlips (snap rings.) Then, use a ball joint press to push the old ball joints out and new ones in. Replace any circlips. Assemble the rest. Get the wheel alignment adjusted.

Does a Ford F-150 have cv joints?

If the Ford F-150 is a 4X4 , yes , it has constant velocity joints on the front axle shafts

What years will a 1999 blazer 4x4 transmission swap out with?

1998 to 2002 4x4 trannys will interchange.

How do you know if my Ford Explorer xls 2002 is 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive?

For the control trac 4x4 system , just to the right of the radio are buttons showing 4x4 auto , 4x4 high , 4x4 low ( on a 2002 Ford Explorer )

How do you replace ball joints on 2007 ford sport track 4X4?

please answer my question on how to replace ball joints 2007 ford sport track?

How do you remove spindle hub bearing assembly on 2002 sierra 4x4?

remove your transfer case cover,there is a lock washer or ring that holds the gears in place,remove the washer and your live axle should slide out then you can get access to your bearings

How do you remove air bag 95 GMC sierra 1500 4x4?

you remove it

Are the 4x4 HUBS manual on a 2002 f250?


How do you replace ball jonts 1999 derango 4x4?

You have to run the ball joints through the defibulator.

What years will a 4l60e transmission fit into a 4x4 suburban?

will a 4l60e fit in 2002 suburban 4x4 1500

Where is the 4x4 control module located in a 2002 ford explorer 6cyl 4x4?

behind the glove box

Crankshaft position sensor location 2002 Chevy suburban 4x4 5.3 engine?

It is in the side of the engine block behind the starter. You will have to remove the starter to see it and to get to it.

After you install the ball joints on your 98 4x4 s10 how do you get the hub back on the ball joints?

Ball joint hub? Mabe we're not speaking the same language.