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I don't remember the website nor the name of the business, but there is an online car radio repair service. You dismantle the center console and take your radio out and send it in for repair. That website, particularly concerned with G50 Q45's gives detail instructions along with pictures on how to dismantle the center console and remove your radio. You can try Google and type something in the search window like "Q45 radio or stereo repair" and see what you get from the listings.

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# Remove the center console # Detach the retaining screws from the center trim panel.Disconnect any electrical connectors and remove the trim panel

Passenger front side of the center console Remove the right lower center console trim panel it should have a big fuse image stamped on it.

REMOVAL# Disconnect the ground cable from battery. # Remove the console front panel.# Remove the center panel while disconnecting connector.# Remove the fitting screws, and slightly pull out the audio from center console. # Disconnect the harness connectors and antenna feeder cord. INSTALLATIONInstall in the reverse order of removal.

center console, behind the cigarette lighter. u have to take out the screws to remove the panel and then its right there.

Passenger side, underneath the glove box. You have to remove a panel from the center console.

remove hazard panel and radio and you will find 4 screws. Then remove the top panel, the one that reaches your windshield by sliding it back toward the windshield with some force. that will reveal 2 more screws.

It is located to the right of the gas pedal. Remove the center console panel. You might have to remove the gas pedal to get at it.

ÊUsing a screwdriver, remove the screws from the center console panel.Pull the panel off,use the screwdriver to remove the screws holding the radio in place, pull the radio out and remove any wiring connections.Ê

Passenger foot well in the center console. Remove the plastic panel and you will see the fuses. Look on the plastic panel and you will see a diagram that tells you which fuse does what.

Removing the roof panel requires that you locate and back-out two screws from the rear of the panel, and the two at the front..., there was a tool supplied in the center console for this purpose.

Tip: Download the factory service manual from Toyota and you'll have the full step by step explanation along with pictures. The best I can do here is give you the step by step as a cut/paste from the manual. Radio Receiver Assy Replacement. 1. Remove shift lever knob sub assembly 2. Remove console upper rear panel 3. Remove console panel upper 4. Remove instrument cluster finish panel center 5. Remove center cluster integration panel, remove four bolts. 6. Disconnect electrical connectors. 7. Disengage the 4 claws and remove the center cluster integration panel assembly. 8. Remove radio bracket #1 by removing 6 screws Voila, the radio is out! Assembly is reverse.

Its located behind the instrument panel in the heater box. Yes you have to remove the dash and the center console.

Under the center console on the passenger side. You need to remove the lower panel on the passenger side of the console and then you can get to it. It's best to use a T25 torx bit to get it out as well.

You must remove the center console and on the bottom side there are screws that hold window switch panel in place. Usualy about a 15-20 minute job to remove console, just make sure you plug in all other switches if any on reassembly. Hope this helps.

On the right hand side of the center console , by the instrument panel , behind a cover panel

Remove the panel on the right side of the car The panel is under the glove box and conects to the center console On the back of the panel the fuses are labeled. Check all the 10 amp fuses

behind the center console behind black panel mounted on floor bracket. remove to black panels from right and left side.

On the console, remove the panel on the right side of the console where the passenger's left foot would be.

The panel for the heater under wind screen just clips in remove the panel and you will be able to remove the center bezel.

Disconnect the negative bat. terminal. Remove the instrument cluster. Remove the hood release cable. Remove the retaining screws and detatch the left and right lower dash panels. Remove the glove compartment and ashtray. Remove the heater control assembly. Remove the center console. Remove the steering column U bracket and lower the column and support it. Remove the defroster grille and the defroster ducts at each end of the instrument panel. Remove the upper and lower panel bolts at each end. Remove the panel frame from the floor bolts in the center. Remove the mounting bolts that attatch the instrument panel to the cowl at the base of the windshield. Pull the instrument panel back and disconnect all electrical fittings. Remove it from the door opening.

Center console hidden behind a removable panel.

Answerunder the center consoleNO ITS LOCATED UNDER THE PASSENGER SIDE KICK PANEL.I just worked on my 1995 Blazer and it is under the center console, many others are at the kick panel but not this one.

you should be able to remove the side panel on the console to remove lost cards. I was working on mine and removed this panel and found many lost cards

1. Pull both side console panels off the center console. (These are by your feet in the front). 2. Remove the screw on either side that has the shifter panel attached. 3. Pull the shifter panel up at the rear and down at the front to pop it off and pull it back a little. It won't remove completely due to the shifter. 4. Remove the two screws that you just exposed below the traction control/hazard/airbag panel and disconnect the wires attached to the panel. 5. Carefully pull the trim up from around the HVAC controls and the radio. You also have to remove the center wood piece. 6. Now you can remove the screws holding the HVAC and the radio in place and pull the radio out.

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