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How to remove the front passenger side interior door panel on 03 Honda Odyssey?

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First, remove the Door Handle Assembly (DHA): Get a small flathead and pop open the BACK end of the plastic which covers the screwhead) Push the DHA towards the front of the van and it will pop right out. Disconnect the wire harness (Just squeeze and pull...). Finally, get a flathead and gently push the plastic which secures the lock rod, it will turn off the lock rod. Save the screw and the DHA.

Then use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the speaker cover. There are 3 more black screws underneath the speaker cover, remove them.

Now the Power Window Assembly (PWA): This is really hard. Get your small flathead and pop open the SIDE of the plastic which covers the screwhead (down in the well). Pull that screw out and secure. Now get your flathead and pry the entire PWA from the back end upwards. When it pops up, slide it back. disconnect the two connectors. I was kidding about it being hard.

Be careful cause the door panel is still connected to the door lock mechanism and two cables. Now just take a flathead screwdriver (or your Chuck Norris hands) and gently pry around the outer edges of the door panel and the clips will pop off fairly easily (I started closest to the front of the van and worked my way around the bottom). Now you should be able to lift up on the door panel. Pay attention to the door lock tab: just push up on the door panel and the door lock tab will eventually let go and slide through. Finally, there are two more cables to disconnect and, voila, the panel is off. Kudos to Honda's engineers.

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Fuse locations on the Honda Odyssey are found in the cabin and engine compartment of the vehicle. The interior fuse box is located under the dashboard.

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To remove the back seat from a 1997 Honda Odyssey the seat locks need to be opened. When the clips are unlocked the seat will be able to be lifted up and removed from the vehicle.

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You can change the alternator, on a 2002 Honda Odyssey, by first removing the alternator belt. Remove the ground and hot wires. Remove the three retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new alternator.

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the folding tray OS bolted to the passenger seat. the passenger seat must be removed in order to unbolt the tray from the seat.Do not remove the passenger seat. remove the cover that attached to metal bracket of p. seat. it's mounted with two plastic screws. use flat screw driver to remove. then you will see 3 bolts on the bracket attached to p. seat. remove bolts and pull away.

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A '97 Odyssey has a timing belt, not a chain. The belt needs to be replaced at 100K intervals.

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