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On my c240....all you do is pull back the two air intakes so they are detached from the cover itself. Then just grab it on both sides and lift up firmly and quickly. It has 4 metal split brackets that fit into a bracket. Just line them up and push down to replace. If your vehicle is slightly different just talk to a mechanic at the dealership...that is how I found out. Larry

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Q: How to remove the plastic cover in-order to replace the air filters?
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Will GE MWF Smartwater filters remove sulphur taste?

Yes the GE MWF smartwater filters will remove the sulphur taste. It will remove a lot of stuff from tap water and it will save the environment from plastic bottles

How do you replace tail lights in a 2005 Mercedes SLK?

open the trunk, remove the plastic cover assy, remove the required bulb, 1/2 turn and replace same. Replace plastic cover, by pushing the plastic rivits stright in.

How do you replace 1997 prizm domelight bulb?

Remove the plastic housing with small slotted screwdriver. Gently remove the bulb vertically and replace with new bulb. Replace plastic housing until you hear it click into place

2001 intrigue has 2 air filters one under the windshield wiper where does this connect?

raise the hood and on the passenger side remove the two plastic screws and the one plastic plug from the plastic cowl just below the wiper arm remove the cowl and the cabin air filter just lies in a rectangular hole its a drop in filter you may have to replace the plastic screws they can only be removed about twice

How do you replace front door lock actuator on a 2002 Toyota rav4?

Remove the door panel, remove the lower side of the window channel, remove door lock mechanism. remove the black plastic cover help by 2 screws, then remove the black plastic door lock unit, with the connector on it, and replace. You can pry the unit open and replace the electric motor in it.

How do you change a cabin air filter in Honda 1997 civic LX?

You have to remove the glove compartment to access the filter. Couple of screws and your done These filters are expensive: 25-30 dollars! The installation instructions for the Honda Civic DX, LX, and EX s are in the package when you purchase the cabin air filters. Location of cabin filters: Behind the glove compartment, behind an access door on the passenger side of the vehicle. I just now removed and install the filters on my 2002 Honda Civic LX. Very easy. To remove existing filters: 1. Open the glove compartment and locate and remove the hindge tabs on both sides of the inside of the glove compartment. The tabs are plastic, and pry out very easily. Once you've pried them open, remove each. 2. Just let the glove compartment door swing down. Note: all the contents will fall out. :-) 3. There is a black plastic horizontal door. Open the door, no tools needed, and remove it. 4. Pull out one filter with its plastic frame. 5.Slide the second filter over, and remove it and its frame. 6. Remove the dirty filters from each frame. (Mine were quite dirty.) And replace with clean filters in each frame. 7. Reinstall both filters and frames into the filter housing. 8. Reattach the filter access door. Tilt the glove compartment door up. Replace the hinge tabs on the inside of the glove compartment. 9. Put all of your staff back in the glove compartment. And you're done!

How do you replace the passenger side mirror on a 2004 Saturn Ion II?

remove the plastic panel and there are 3 ten mm nuts remove and replace mirror.

How do you replace a taillight bulb on a 1999 VW Beetle?

you need to remove the tail light lens. There is a large round plastic cap located behind the lens in the truck .Remove the cap and there is a black plastic nut that you can remove by hand, that will release the lens and you will be able to replace the bulbs.

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 2002 pontaic Montana?

lower the tank down and remove plastic shroud over pump and then remove the lock ring and replace pump.

Replace rear bulb Toyota 4Runner?

To replace the rear bulb in a Toyota 4Runner remove the plastic covers located in the trunk. Taking off the plastic covers will reveal the taillight housing and bulbs. Replace the bulbs.

How do you replace the cabin air filters on a 1999 silverado?

The filters are under the dash on the passenger side. First remove the bottom guard (3 screws). Above the guard you will see the duct with a 1 1/2 " strip held with 1 screw. Remove screw and the filters will pull out. Installation is reverse of removal.

How do you replace micron air filter on 04 quest?

Remove your glove compartment by unscrewing 2 screws on the inside and several more on the outside underneath. Unplug glove compartment light so you can remove the entire glove box. There is a black plastic plate that has 3 hex screws next to your console near the floor. Remove the plate and you can remove the old micron filters. The hex screws are an odd size and NOT metric, I believe its 7 /32 .The filters have tabs that you can pull to remove them. Reinstall the 2 new filters and put everything back together. TIP ......the filters can snag while you are inserting them...I usually cut a thin piece of cardboard to help guide them in...also its kinda tight down there , good luck.

How to replace the spark plugs on a 2003 Corolla 1.8 engine?

remove the plastic shrould-2 acorn nut,and 2 plastic clips-remove the coil for each plug-install new plugs-replace coils and shrould-go for a ride -your done.

How do you replace the third brake light in a F150 1995?

you remove plastic red/white cover with 2 screws and remove bulbs.

How to replace side mirror on 96 quest?

You have to remove door panel to get access to the screws holding the inside plastic cover in place. Remove the plastic cover and then the three nuts holding the mirror.

How do I replace 1994 Chevy suburban universal joints on rear drive shaft with plastic keepers on the inside of yoke?

use a torch to melt out the plastic then remove the clips(on the inside) and remove as normal

How do you replace the battery on a samsung yp-q1?

First a person would have to buy a replacement battery for this item. Then remove the face, remove the white plastic with a screwdriver, remove the screen, remove the battery, replace the battery, and put everything back on where it belongs.

How replace air filter for Mercedes Benz e350?

The air filters for your engine are located inside the black box that is on top of the engine. You will need to remove the black box and then turn it up side down to access the torx screws. unscrew all the screws (the screws will stay in the upper box) and remove the covers and you can replace the air filters.

How do you remove the plastic cover on a Mercedes-Benz SL 500 to change air filters?

unlock the tabs located around the cover and there are two filters inside use care and patience when putting back together it can be tough....

How do you replace an Audi A8 air filter?

open the hood, look up at the plastic covered area up to. remove multiple plastic hooks to remove the plastic covers on either side. the centre trapeziod cover is for the air filter. simply open and replace.

How do you replace electric window motors Pontiac Grand Prix?

In order to replace the electric window motors on a Pontiac Grand Prix you will need to unscrew the Torx screws on the door, life it back to remove the plastic pieces. Remove all connectors, and the plastic covers.

What filters the blood to remove waste?

kidnies filters waste from your blood

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2005 Kia Sorento?

remove the big plastic skid plate and it's right there , the filters there but under a fuel line.

How do you replace the cabin air filter on a 2006 Mazda5?

The cabin air filter in a 2006 Mazda 5 is located under passenger side dash. First remove the left side kick panel and plastic underneath the glove box. Locate the air filter box and remove the four screws holding it. The air filter will then be able to slide out. Simple replace the filters with the new units.

How do you replace the heater core in a Opel Astra 1999?

To replace the heater core in a 1999 Opel Astra, remove the center console and remove the 6 5.5 mm bolts. Also remove the clips and remove the cover and plastic clips on each pipe. Finally, lift the heater core and replace with new.

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