How to replace CV joints on 93 Honda prelude And will the trans-axle fluid have to be drained to do so?

If the CV boot is torn open, buy a remanufactured halfshaft axle and replace the whole halfshaft (includes the joint). To replace the boot and/or halfshaft axle on some early 90's model Hondas: First, remove the wheel cover and loosen the 36mm nut holding the joint to the bearing. Then raise the vehicle and remove the lower ball joint from the lower control arm and the knuckle. If your working on the passenger side, drain the transmission. Slide the half shaft out of the knuckle then use a prybar and pry the inboard end of the shaft out of the transmission or intermediate shaft, which ever should apply. Be careful not to damage the seal in the transmission. Installing the shaft is the reverse of removal. The inboard side of the shaft should snap right back into the intermediate shaft and transmission by means of a snap ring on the end of the shaft.