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I think it's pretty straight forward... there is a rad support at the top with one 10mm bolt holding it on, after that it's just flush coolant take off hoses and replace. pretty much all 92-2000 civics are universal radiator- wise. Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2006-11-03 05:20:13
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Q: How to replace a radiator on a 98 Honda Civic CX and if there's any special considerations to be aware of?
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You were told you have a cracked radiator but you are not having any problems with your car you drive a 98 Toyota Camry What should you do?

You should replace it the radiator to play it safe because theres a good chance that it may be leaking or will leaking but check with your dealer or autoshop.

HOW DO YOU DRain a 1997 dodge Dakota radiator?

Theres a drain plug at the bottom of the radiator.. or you can undo the bottom hose..

Why is your Pontiac fire bird getting hot at an idle?

check your radiator hoses to make sure theres no leak, you may need to flush ur engine and replace the freeze plugs

Where is cap on 2002 Pontiac Grand Am radiator?

theres no cap on radiator~ it is filled through the recovery tank on the fender well.

Where is the horn on a 1965 Pontiac gto?

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How many relays in a 1995 Nissan Quest radiator fan are there?

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Where are the engine mounts on a 89 Honda accord lxi?

If you look right by the power steering pump theres one there, and theres a round one on the side by the radiator, and also one more by the firewall towards the back of the engine. If you look right by the power steering pump theres one there, and theres a round one on the side by the radiator, and also one more by the firewall towards the back of the engine.

The smell of radiator coolant as the car is running?

Theres a leak. Probably a hose but could be radiator or heater core, water pump or engine core plug

Where is the antifreeze drain plug on the radiator of a 2001 Ford Focus SE?

theres not pull the bottom hose.

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