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I have a B4 2001 and from reading other posts, the procedure should be about the same. Pry off the small circular cover from inside the boot in the general vicinity of the top of the light assembly. Mine was about the size of the fifty cent piece. There is a bolt/screw underneath this cover. Remove it, taking GREAT care not to drop it behind the boot fascia. Once it's removed, you should be able to wiggle the entire light assembly from the outside. My model assembly was held on by the single bolt/screw and two 'plastic plugs' that fitted onto the front-most part of the assembly. These two 'plugs' simply pull out of the car frame (not screwed in) and come straight out with some gentle wiggling of the assembly. The light bulb 'frame' for the bulbs clips into the assembly and is easily removed.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-15 04:08:26
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Q: How to replace brake light bulb Audi a4 2003?
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