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this model has both shoes and rotor disks on the rear brakes. 2002 Ford van e350 xlt is my model and I was surprised today when I did my brakes.


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price of brakes for 350 van

No! If the self adjuster isn't working you will either need to replace them of fix them because it takes stopping the weight of the vehicle for the adjusters to work.

take the old ones off and put the new ones on

You need to replace your brake caliper on the side that drags. The caliper has several parts (piston & slider) that corrode and get "stuck". The only way to fix the problem is to replace the caliper. If you try cleaning the parts, it will most likely stick again within a few months.

replace abs sensor on back axel.

Break pads should be checked if not replaced. Check condition of rotors at the same time.

how do i replace the side panel on an e350 van

I would say an Ford F-250/350/450, as well as E250/E350 (Vans). They have huge brakes, they require a dimes weight of pressure to initiate. Needed for heavy cargo.

Mine- 2002 E350 has 750 number on it but the mechanic at the autoparts store rekomends 650 as well do not know what the number stdands for :)

Sounds like idle is too low or may need tune up

fuse # 1 20 amp fuse in Central Junction Box

To replace the radio on a Ford E350, first remove the bezel from around the existing radio. Then, release the clips on either side of the radio and remove it from the dashboard. Then, release the wiring. Place the new wiring on the replacement radio and insert it into the dashboard. Lock the clips in place and replace the bezel.

remove disk, punch out broken stud, replace with new one. tapped back in.

You need to replace your Blower relay,

You will have a bad rear expansion valve and once the system has been opened you should replace the a/c accumulator as well...........

You take out the old one and replace with a new one. Take pictures before just in case.

replace transmission speed sensor for a E350 mercedes benz

I have a 460 in my 1983 e350.

how to change headlight on 1999 Mercedes e350

17 or replace abs sensor, on top of rear axle

bad abs sensor on rear axle, replace [I did that on mine,no luck]

the ford-e350 goes 20 miles per gallon on the highway, on the street it goes 17 mpg

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