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Drill a hole in it, then put a flat head screwdriver in the hole and pry aganst block... you dont have to use a screwdriver just about anything will work. answer above answer works, not a real big deal if you mess up and plug falls inside but the old one is handy to take with you to get correct size of new one as there are many different sizes to install new one, , get a socket that will fit inside freeze plug, or a piece of pipe that is a good fit place plug over hole as flat and even as you can get it using a hammer, tap pipe or socket till plug goes into hole with outside edges flush with block or just a little past block fill engine with coolant and check for leaks

Correction from an observer with the same problem on a 1993 4.3: The freeze plug isn't sitting on the dash board! It is a complicated removal if it is the one on the right bank behind the motor mount. Can you be a little more specific? Like a description of how to get at the freeze plug?

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Q: How to replace freeze out plug on 1989 Chevrolet pickup truck with 43 engine?
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There are freeze plugs located on both sides, the front, and the back of the block.

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Just knock the old ones out and tap the new ones in with a hammer until the rim of the freeze plug is flush with the block.

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There are freeze plugs in the side of the block, the heads and in the back of the block between the motor and transmission. If it is one of the ones on the back of the block, either the engine or transmission has to be removed to get to them.

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