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How to replace fuel pump or sending unit in 2001 Chrysler Town and Country van?

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March 07, 2008 2:33PM

Assuming there isn't much difference between a 2000 and 2001 T&C and that you have the bigger 6 cyl engine, if that matters, here's what I (we, helps to have a good handyman help you) did. If at all possible, do this when you have little gas in the tank, which from my understanding, is not always possible because the pump tends to go closely after you fill your tank. You'll need to empty, siphon, the tank pretty close to empty to not spill gas all over. DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT MENTIONING ANY OF THE PRECAUTIONS THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE SUCH JACKS AND JACKSTANDS, NO IGNITERS AROUND WORKING AREA, ETC. YOU SHOULD HOWEVER TAKE THESE PRECAUTIONS. OK back to work, you'll have to jack the car up to get under the van to let the gas tank down. If, as in my case, you don't have the luxury of ramps and only one jack, you'll need to jack the passenger rear side up. The higher you can raise it the more space you'll have to work, dah. A note, before we started lowering the gas tank we did loosen the clamp holding the hose from your fuel inlet/cap to the tank. This can be reached without jacking the car up on the driver's side, right in fronmt of the rear wheel well. There are a few bolts you have to remove to lower the gas tank. You'll spot them; they are at the end of the straps that hold the gas tank up. You'll have to totally remove the ones on the passenger side and may have to loosen the ones n the drivers side a tad, depennding if the passenger side of the gas tank drops for you becasue this is side the gas pump is on. Once you gave the gas tank lowered enough so you can access the gas lines and wiring, you can mark those so you know where they go back and remove them. If you read the directions, if you got them, you shold have turned the car over to try to get the lines cleared before you unhooked them. Then just just unscrew the cap that holds the fuel pump in place and remove the old pump and gasket. You might want to have a buxket ready to place this in because it will have gas in it. You're almost done. Now just place the new gasket in place, this is a little tricky, at least on th 2000, it was but you'll see that it just takes some care in putting the new fuel pump in without disturbing the placement of the gaskget. Then just put cap back on the fuel pump and reconnect everything. Tighten the gas tank back up and lower the van. Best as I can recall, you should be done, other than pouring the gas back into the car. Good Luck. The biggest part of the job for us was draining the gas from the full tank.