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How to replace ignition key tumbler in 2000 Saturn SC1?


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2008-01-19 12:32:27
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Remove the cover from the strg column by removing the 7/32 screws from underneath. Pry off the ign cylinder just clips on. Put the key in acc position. On the top of the cylinder housing there is a button Depress the button and pull out the cylinder. Or there may be a small hole on top of the cylinder in which you need to put a small pick into to release the cylinder. For this type yoy must unplug the ignition switch and turn the key to crank and hold it there while you pu sh in the pick to release the cylinder. Then back to ACC while pullinjg out to get the cylinder out You now have access to the tumblers but you have to disassemble the cylinder by removing the gold coloured retainer


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Hello, if the tumbler has bent or broke, unless you know alot about locks and have a rekeying kit, your best bet is to take it to a locksmith.

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if it is a dohc engine then you may have to remove the intake manifold

If you need to remove your ignition switch, you should consult your owners manual. Check for a guide on how to remove and replace and follow the instructions.

You need to have a wheel press. Other than that it's self explanitory.

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