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I just did this today on my 92. There's no info in the most popular manual. The "right" way seems to involve removing the bolt from the motor mount on top of the engine. You may need to loosen the other bolt to get it to swing out of the way. Then, there are four bolts holding the mount to the engine. Well, actually, the lower two appear to be exhaust manifold studs. There's also a bolt that attaches to a strut supporting the drivebelt accessories. So, you need to remove that first, then remove the two bolts that hold the bracket to the top of the engine, then remove the nuts from the exhaust manifold studs. There's also a heat shield over the manifold with another bracket behind it, if I recall correctly. If, like me, you have consumer-grade hand tools, you might not want to risk stripping or breaking the studs. I wound up removing the coil pack. First, remove the wiring harness that faces you - 7mm bolt. Then, three nuts on the bottom that mount it to the bracket. 11mm if I recall correctly. Lift the unit straight up and set it in a safe location nearby. Then, the plastic cover can be removed if you cut the boots off the old wires. There are two tabs you can't see at the bottom, and it sits on three T-shaped mounts. Carefully work it loose, then slide it up over the rocker cover until you can remove it. Not much room at all. OK, now lift the tab on the right side and the cover will come off. Pull the old wires out. See how they are run in channels? You can't slide them to adjust the length. There's also no clearance to put the #1 cable in place with the cover on. I just left it off. It was doing a fine job trapping oil and soaking the old wires. To reinstall, first put the #1 cable roughly in position. You won't have enough clearance to put it in the plastic cover first. Then, place #5 in the top groove and #3 in the middle groove. Make sure #3 boot is left of the oil filler tube and #5 is on the right. Also make sure the wires are in front of the two tabs on the bottom. Carefully replace the plastic guide and place the #1 wire in its groove. Fun, huh? You could also just cut the old wires off at the plastic sleeve and use some wire looms to separate the new wires, making sure that they do not contact the manifold or have any chance of getting caught in the fan. I might do that next time. Thanks, GM, for making yet another basic maintenance task a major pain for us backyard mechanics.

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Q: How to replace the front spark plug wires with plastic shield on 1993 Buick Century 6cyl 3.3Can not get the shield to release to remove wires?
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