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i had a problem where the filler pipe joins the fuel tank.which dripped when you fill the tank. it was the rubber seal which had gone. try and repair when fuel tank is low.

1 conpress the spring clip holding it. 2 the filler pipe just pulls off. 3 remove old seal and replace.

(i could not get one quickly so i put gas/water plumers tape around fuel tank nozzle.)

4 replace and release clip.

just a 5 minute job , i still just have tape on and it is fine.

hope it helps

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:59:29
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Q: How to replace the hose connecting to the fuel tank in a Daewoo Matiz 2005 1.0 liter also when filling fuel oil drips from the hose connected to the fuel tank how do you fix this and what will it cost?
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