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I believe the design of the 2003 Sienna interior is identical to that of the 2000 Sienna which I own. The switch module on the driver and passenger sides are affixed into the armrest in the same way. They have a plastic retaining tab on the underside aft end and a spring-loaded metal clip on the underside forward end. During installation, they are made to slide in rearward at the aft end and then drop/snap into the mounting opening downward from the front. Therefore, the removal process is the reverse; that is, release the metallic snap latch at the front end and lift the front of the switch module ... after the bottom of the switch module has cleared the top of the armrest, you can slide the module forward to release the plastic latch at the aft end and take the switch module out as a unit. Disconnecting the wire connector frees the module for further work. The problem is that the release point on the spring-loaded metallic clip at the forward end of the switch module is about 1/4" below the underside surface of the module; therefore, simply using a small flat screwdriver inserted under the lip of the module won't work, because it cannot engage the release mechanism, which is a bit below. What really works best is a paint-can opener (available from any Home Depot), since it has a bent end. Using a flat screwdriver to slightly lift the forward end of the switch module, and with the bent end of the paint can opener pointing downward, insert it under the lip of the module at its center. Pushing this makeshift tool rearward will allow the bent end of the paint can opener to release the metal retaining clip at the forward end of the switch module. You can then lift the forward end of the module as descried earlier. Hope this helps.

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Q: How to replace the passenger side power window switch on a 2003 Toyota Sienna?
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