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How to replace the thermostat in a 1999 Mercury Villager?

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This is a pain. Remove the old one and put the new one in. Use _only_ a genuine Nissan thermostat or the dingleberry may be incorrect causing incorrect warm-up time. You may need some glue to hold it in place during installation.

What a horrible answer....

Here is how you do it.

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the terminal. Drain the cooling system so that the level of coolant is below the level of the thermostat.


Remove the thermostat housing and set it aside. Lift out the thermostat.


Set the new thermostat in position. Make sure the jiggle valve is in the upright position. Replace the thermostat housing.


Refill the cooling system with the appropriate type and amount of coolant. Replace the radiator cap securely.


Reconnect the negative battery cable to the terminal. Start the engine and allow it to run for several minutes to warm up. Check for proper operation.

· Make sure the engine and the radiator are cool to touch before proceeding with the installation of a new thermostat. Never lay tools or engine parts on the battery or on top of the engine.

· Drain the coolant into a container that can be sealed. Ingestion is usually fatal. Properly dispose of coolant that's contaminated or several years old.

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You don't, you replace or rebuild the engine.

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If you're talking about the sensor for internal temperature it's in the dashboard next to where the shift lever is.

How much to replace gas tank in 1999 mercury villager?

Probably around $200 for the tank, and $200 for labor.

How many gallons does the gas tank on a 1999 Mercury Villager Hold?

According to the 1999 Mercury Villager Owner Guide : ( 20.0 US. gallons )

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Where is the crankshaft on a 1999 mercury villager 3.3?

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No, no room.

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This is as complex procedure. I suggest you buy a repair manual if it is not obvious to you, and you don't have experience.

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on my 1999 ford mercury villager its on top of transmission under the van

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In the fuel tank.

How many oxygen sensors are there on a 1999 Mercury Villager?

There are two.

Does the 1999 mercury villager have ABS?

ABS was an option. Not all have it.

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4.5 quart

What other van doors are interchangeable with a 2000 mercury villager?

1999-2002 Villager or Nissan Quest.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1999 Mercury Mystique?

The thermostat for a 1999 Mercury Mystique is inside of the top water inlet. Remove the top radiator hose from the engine, and then inlet can be removed to get to the thermostat.

Does your 4.0 1999 villager engine have a timing belt?

The 3.3 litre V6 engine ( from the factory ) in a 1999 Mercury Villager has a timing BELT

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According to the 1999 Mercury Villager scheduled maintenance guide : ( 105,000 miles ) It doesn't hurt to do it sooner since the engine is an interference engine

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On a 1999 Mercury Villager , 3.3 litre V6 engine : firewall 1-----3-----5 2-----4-----6 front of vehicle > driver

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The speed sensor is on the top back corner of the transmission housing. It is held down by one screw.

Where is the coil on 1999 Mercury Villager?

The coil UNFORTUNATELY is built in the distributor.

What years of radiator will fit 2000 mercury villager?

1999 - 2002.