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How to replace the upper and lower ball joints on a 1995 4wd Tahoe 1500?


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2009-08-21 03:51:33
2009-08-21 03:51:33

The balljoints on the Lower control arms are PRESSED, so you need to have a shop press them or get a balljoint kit, it usually helps if you have a impact gun, you can NOT remove the lower control arms unless you remove the torsion bars first, so i recommend letting a shop do it anyway.

I just replaced my ball joints on my 95 today on the lower ones they can be trickey to remove you can get a big pipe fitting that is the size of the joint and beat it out with a hammer it will take a few wacks but you can eventually get it out then when you go to put them back it you should have a jack stands under the frame where the doors are and have a floor jack under the control arm for when you take pressure off springs with the pickle fork then you need to take the balll joint to the bench grinder and lightly grind a little portion all the way around on the grouves that catch when they are put back in you will start out by popping it up in the grinding helps you wedge it in and catch next take a bottle jack and put it under the ball joint do not have the grease zerk in and jack up on the ball joint until the control arm comes off the floor jack then take a hammer and beat down on the control arm and work it down onto the ball joint you might have to move the bottle jack around until you get it all the way in and square im 19 and it took me from 8 in the morning to noon four hours i also took both upper controm arms out and took the knock out tabs out soe the toe adjustment could be adjusted and replaced upper ball joints and changed a tire on the back it looks harder than it is its actually really easy


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To replace ball joints on a 2004 2WD Ranger, lift the upper control arm of the spindle assembly and remove the nut holding the lower ball joint in place. Then lower the lower control arm to relieve the ball joints. Replace with new.รŠ

You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

There are no upper ball joints - that role is played by the McPherson struts. See "Related Questions" below for more

I've done it on a 1996 ram 1500 it's a pain and you have no choice but to replace both the upper and lower

Disconnect the upper and lower joints, put the ring of the lyre on the lower joint, tighten the lyre, reconnect the upper and lower joints.

You change the control arms, upper and lower. The ball joints are manufactured into the control arms.

you will probably need a ball joint press and a splitter

they screw out and the new ones screw in. The upper ones screw in but the lower ones bolt in.

How to change upper and lower ball joints on a 1997 ford explorer all wheel drive?

The ball joints are riveted or pressed into the upper and lower control arms, then the spindle is bolted to the ball joints.

You have to replace the whole control arm on front upper ball joints in that particular vehicle.

If its 2 wheel drive, you will need a press. Those ball joints are pressed into the upper and lower control arms. If it is 4 Wheel drive you need to remove the rivets with either an air chisel or to drill them out.

I think you met joints, and the joints are the upper joint and the lower joint. The order of clarinet peices from the top is mouthpiece, barrel, upper joint, lower joint, bell.

The upper ball joints must be replaced with the upper control arms but the lower ball joints can be replaced seperately. NOTE: THE BEST WAY TO GET THEM OUT IS TO KNOCK THEM OUT WITH A 3LB MINI SLEDGE HAMMER FROM AUTOZONE. According to my Haynes repair manual it states that 1995 and newer models upper and lower balljoints are not removable or serviceable. If a balljoint is damaged or worn, replace the control arm.

What year, if it has upper it has to be pre 1989

Replace upper and lower ball joints. Not hard, but time consuming.

This depends on upper or lower ball joints. If you need to replace the upper ball joints, you must replace the upper control arm. For the lowers, you will need a ball joint press, and some snap ring pliers. Be careful with the spring when taking the spindle apart from the control arms. (spring type suspension) Have to unload the torsion bar (Torsion Bar suspension) You will need a special tool to do this

The lower ball joints have to be pressed out. The upper ball joints are part of the control arm, so the complete upper assembly has to be replaced.

Raise the car up and check out the lower ball joints. You can grab the upper arm and if it rocks you need to replace the lower ball joints. Also look at the outer tie rods and suspension components

on the upper ball joints just remove the four bolts on the upper control arm and use a picker fork to remove the balljoint from the steering knuckle. for the lower ball joints you have to remove the axle then repeat the same steps for the uppers

Typically the squeaks in the front end mean you need to replace the ball joints. I recommend doing both upper and lower ball joints at the same time.

To do so would be a waste of money, replace the upper ball joints first, then have it aligned.

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