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Actually, Chrysler made this task pretty easy because the motor sits between the inner metal door skin and the door panel. The ardest thing is getting the door panel off with out breaking all of the door clips.

BUT, first before you order a new motor or regulator (BTW,the cheapest price I found is on eBay) , disconnect the motor's harness and see if you are not getting juice at the connector. Install a voltmeter or light bulb between one of the two slots and ground and try the switch (make sure the ignition is on) then try the other slot to ground. If you get juice, your motor isn't working. Now let's check a little further: Cut off the plastic tie on the motor and remove the two screws holding the magnetic field housing and remove the housing exposing the armature. With you fingers turn the armature to determine that it is free. Lift up the armature so the the commutator is just free of the brushes. Take a Q-tip in some solvent and clean the commutator till the copper color is showing. Make sure the brushes are free to move and press the brush lead away from the motor shaft to allow the brushes to move forward as much as the can. insert the armature back into its original position making sure that the brushes are pushed back with a small probe. Next slide the field housing back over the armature and replace the two screws and reconnect the wiring harness. Now try the motor! If it doesn't work, you only wasted five minutes. If it does work you may have saved a lot. It may last longer than you need especially if you lighten up on using that window. It will usually give you warning of future failing, which you probably ignored before.

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Q: How to replace window motor in 2000 dodge caravan?
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Very difficult. I would leave it to a glass shop.

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I have repaired both electric windows in my 1988 caravan. There is a white plastic track that the motor pulls and pushed and this is what opens and closes the window. It is located inside the door behind the door panels. Usually the track breaks, with age and you need to replace them.

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The fuel pump on a Dodge Caravan is not on the motor, it's located inside the fuel tank.

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hi how do i replace the ( r) front door electric window motor 1996, thanks I bought the repair manual from O'Reilly's and then I bought the part online for about $57. took about an hour to do it, but I had access to any kind of tool. Just takes patience. Cheaper than going to the dealer.

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the window motor could be busted or a fuse could have blown.

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You probably have a bad window master switch

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A Dodge Durango window motor can be ordered from any auto parts store. The prices for the window motors will vary depending on the year of the Durango.

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How do you replace dodge caravan driver side window motor?

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