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First of all, the window is not your problem if stuff is trying to move. You need a window regulator assembly. The "wires" you see moving are not wires. They are cables. You are seeing the cable housings moving because the cables inside are being drawn up tight due to binding that is taking place with a broken pulley on the regulator assembly. If you not mechanically inclined, I reccommend you not do this yourself. This is a moderately difficult job, and requires some special tools and skills, namely a drill the you can drill out the rivets that hold the glass to the regulator without breaking the glass, and a huge rivet gun(as long as your arm) that is used to pop the new rivets on that will hold the glass to the new regulator, again without breaking the glass.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-26 20:44:45
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Q: How to replacefix crown vic 1997 window motor Drivers side motor runsdoesn't pull window can see wires at motor moving to pull not mechanically inclined pics instructions would be great : Amy?
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