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How to reset after service on a 99 C240?


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2007-07-11 23:55:11
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See your owners manual. The instructions are in my manual. Be sure that you have the doors closed while you follow the procedure.

See your manual for the Flexible Service Schedule reset. It changes in some vehicles but it's something like:
Doors closed.
Turn the key to position 2.
Press the O (mileage reset) button twice.
Turn key to off.
Press and hold the O button while turning the key to position 2.
After about 10 seconds it resets.


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Key in position 2, scroll to service due screen then hold down reset button on the cluster for a few seconds, then it will ask if you wish to reset button. Push button on the cluster again to reset. MAKE SURE DOOR IS SHUT

You DO NOT need to reset it, whre did you get that crazy idea/.

On the dashboard browse through the menu until you see the "You have exceeded the service by ... days" then click and hold the reset button for about 2 seconds (its the thingy that you rotate on the side of the dashboard) It will ask you to confirm, click on it again.

key in position 2, scroll to service due A or B then hold down reset button on the cluster for a few seconds, then it will promt you to push button and hold again. It should reset now and tell you will you next change is due. Make sure you door is shut.

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It depends on the year. If its 99 or later chances are you'll need a local dealer to amend it.

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How to reset maintenance info after oil change on benz c240With the key in position 1, hit the odometer reset button on the left on the cluster 3 times in a row.The cluster should beep once.scroll through the multifunction display with the page buttons until the display shows the onboard voltage screen. It will say something like "UB: 12.2 V" scroll threw this menu with with the up/down until you reach the "service menu" page.scroll down to "confirmation"press +, confirm full service with +.Wait till it says service confirmed.cycle the key off and then back on to position 2. Scroll to the normal service menu where it normally says how many days or miles till next service. If the service was reset correctly, it will say "service display not possible" for a few minutes while it recalculates. You must cycle the key off and back on before it will back out of the onboard diagnostic mode. If you don’t back out, the esp/abs/bas lights will illuminate when the car is started.

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