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- left click start and right click on where the control panel would be (not on one of the selections but in the grey area or just right cick on the Start button). A properties box should pop up (or a box with many selections and Properties being one of them)

- Left click on the properties box. You should see the Taskbar and Start Menu tabs.

- Put a dot in the radio selection for the Start menu (not the Classic Start menu) and then click on the customize button.

- Now you should see the General and Advanced tabs. Select the Advanced tab.

- The Control Panel should be the first item in the list. Put a dot in the Display As A Link radio button.

- Click "OK" (it closes), click "Apply" then click "OK"

- Your Control Panel should be back on the start menu

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How does one utilize the System Restore feature on a Windows XP desktop?

If someone wants or needs to do a System Restore on their computer then they need to first go to the control panel. It will be one of the options there and there are instructions for what to do.

How do you access control panel in win xp or win 7?

Click on Start---->Click on Control panel in Windows XP. Click on Windows logo in Windows 7 then Click on Control Panel.

In Windows XP why control panel is used?

The control panel in Windows XP is used to change and adjust the way Windows behaves and looks to the user.

How to make a system restore disc for Windows 7?

Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Backup and Restore->Create a system repair disk.

Where can you find the system preferences for a Windows XP?

control panel

How do you get to xp restore system?

Step 1: Partition the hard disk. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD or DVD drive, or insert the first Windows XP Setup disk into the floppy disk drive, and then restart the computer to start the Windows XP Setup program. ...Step 2: Format the hard disk and install Windows XP.

How do delete password for Windows XP?

Delete your password from the Control Panel

How do you change display of laptop?

Windows XP: Control Panel > Display Windows Vista/7: Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display.

How do you change the control panel back to icons?

In Windows XP, go to Control Panel, and on the panel on the left side of the window, click "Switch to Classic view".In Windows Vista, go to Control Panel on the panel on the left side of the window, click "Classic View".In Windows 7, in the Control Panel, click "All Control Panel Items".

In windows xp what icon is not found in the control panel window?

Answer is "a" my computer.a my computer

Where are the user accounts located on a Windows XP system?


Where in Windows XP can the shutdown mode be configured?

start->control panel->power options

How do you go to the settings tab on a windows xp computer?

START then click control panel

How do you recover your compaq laptop to factory settings?

Start, Control Panel, Computer Settings, REstore. Or you can go to search, type in system restore and restore it to the earliest date.

How do you uninstall WinRAR for Windows?

WinRAR for Windows can be uninstalled from Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP or Control Panel > Programs and Features in Windows 7.

Is there a file backup utility in Vista Home Premium?

Backup and Restore Center in the Control Panel.

How do you restore your audio to your computer?

control panel-add hardware-and searc for available audio devices

How do you adjust the default user in Windows XP?

Start->Settings->Control panel->User Accounts

What control panel applet would you use to uninstall a program on XP?

Add/remove software

How do you turn system restore back on its not on your computers properties anymore?

Answer>Control Panel>SystemThen choose the "System Restore" tab.UNcheck the box that says "Turn off system restore..."

Which is the place where you can check that Windows XP is automatically maintaining updates?

Go to Control Panel --> Automatic Updates.

How do you activate hibernate on Windows XP?

Start->Control Panel->Power Options->Hibernate->enable hibernation

Where in Windows XP can the shutdown hibernate and standby modes be configured?

Start > Control Panel > Power Options

How do you get a list of all of the applications installed on windows xp?

Run "Add or Remove Programs" in Control Panel.

How to remove a software application from Windows XP?

You go to 'Start' - 'Control panel' - 'Add/Remove programs'