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How to restore control panel in xp?


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January 05, 2008 10:49PM

- left click start and right click on where the control panel would be (not on one of the selections but in the grey area or just right cick on the Start button). A properties box should pop up (or a box with many selections and Properties being one of them)

- Left click on the properties box. You should see the Taskbar and Start Menu tabs.

- Put a dot in the radio selection for the Start menu (not the Classic Start menu) and then click on the customize button.

- Now you should see the General and Advanced tabs. Select the Advanced tab.

- The Control Panel should be the first item in the list. Put a dot in the Display As A Link radio button.

- Click "OK" (it closes), click "Apply" then click "OK"

- Your Control Panel should be back on the start menu