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How to say I love you for being you in creole?

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January 31, 2012 12:52AM

There's actually no such language as "Creole". The word creole refers to a type of language that results from the combination of two completely different parent languages. There are more than 100 different creolized languages in the world, so you would have to specify which one you're talking about.

If you're not sure, here is a list of the most commonly spoken Creoles in the world (one of them is even an official language):

  1. Louisiana Creole French, spoken in Louisiana
  2. Belizean Kriol language, spoken in Belize
  3. Haitian Creole language, French-based, an official language of Haiti
  4. Mauritian Creole, French-based, spoken in Mauritius
  5. Cape Verdean Creole, spoken on the islands of Cape Verde
  6. Krio Dayak language, spoken by Krio Dayak people in West Kalimantan, Indonesia
  7. Liberian Kreyol language, spoken in Liberia
  8. Seychellois Creole, French-based, spoken in the Seychelles
  9. Guinea-Bissau Creole, spoken in Guinea-Bissau
  10. Negerhollands, a Dutch-based creole, once spoken in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  11. Bislama, an English-based creole, spoken in Vanuatu
  12. Llanito, a Spanish- and English-based creole, spoken in Gibraltar
  13. Bajan or Barbadian Creole, English-based, spoken in Barbados
  14. Antillean Creole or Créole Martiniquais, French-based, spoken in the Lesser Antilles
  15. Tok Pisin, an official language of Papua New Guinea
  16. Torres Strait Creole or Brokan, spoken in Far-North-East Australia, Torres Strait, and South-West Papua
  17. Patois, French based, spoken in Saint Lucia
  18. Nagamese creole, based on Assamese, used in in Nagaland, India