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If this is a single overhead cam, possibly A15SMS (engine type):

If you have everything stripped down and can see the crank shaft gear, you will notice an arrow stamped into one of the gear teeth.

this arrow must point towards the bottom, you will notice a mark (notch) cut into the housing, line the arrow on the gear with this notch. remove the four 10mm bolts that secure the top cover of the timing belt, gently open the cover (not removing it) to see the Cam Gear. You will not be able to remove the cover because of the design.

The Cam Gear should have a line stamped into one of its teeth, this should be pointing up and towards the top. On the inner cover you will notice a notch in the casing, line both up together if it is not already. You can check the following if unsure:

Remove # 1 spark plug (nearest the Cam Belt) and place a long screwdriver in the hole carefully to feel the piston is at the top, #2 and 3 will be down and the last one #4 at the distributor end will also be up. Remove the rocker cover and you should see the Cam loabes on #1 piston free, (no pressure on the cam shaft) meaning the valves are closed.

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Q: How to set the timing marks in a Daewoo Lanos 1.5 L 1998?
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