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If the DVD player doesn't have COMPONENT connectors, you will have to use a input on the TV that has RCA input connectors.


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You can run component cables (which are red, blue, and green) or an HDMI cable which combines audio and video into one convienient plug.

vcr out into DVD in, DVD out into tvhd in

Mostly you connect the player with a standard HDMI to HDMI cable. Players might support component.

All you need to connect a DVD player are standard component cables. When using progressive scan than you might have to get 5 cables component cables instead of the usual 3. In most lower end TVs the picture difference will be not noticeable. However if you have a better setup than it might be worth it to invest in something a little better.

Using a cable. It varies based on your DVD Player and TV. Some DVD Players can be connected using Scart, Composite, Component, RGB and HDMI cables. Only use on cable at a time though.

I would look on the your DVD player or TV to find what you need. They should be able to direct you in the right direction.

If you plug your DVD player into your VCR, it will not display on your television. You need to connect your DVD player either directly into your TV via S-video, Component, or HDMI cables or you can connect the DVD player to an audio receiver first, which should then offer an output to the television.

That will depend upon the model of Sanyo and the model of DVD player you have. The best possible solution for most is to use component video cables. You will want to run the audio cables to a home receiver of some sort, since the projector has very poor speakers.

yes, DVD/VCR can be used with a HDTV.

Check the cables to make sure you have them hooked up correctly. If that does not solve the problem then try a different cable.

You probably don't have a good connection from the DVD player or you're trying to use the RGB inputs instead of the analog composite unit. If the DVD player has RGB outputs and the TV has RGB inputs, then chances are, one of the cables is either bad or has become unplugged at one end.

HDMI cables allow a single plug to connect items to the HDTV and to sync up with it. The items can be any of the following kind of items, home theater, game console, blu-ray player, DVD player/ recorder, HD cable box, Camera, Photo Frame, etc

Connect audio cables to the Audio Out on the DVD player to the Audio In connectors of the speaker system.

When you purchase a DVD player, cables for audio as well as video is also included. All you have to do is connect the audio and video cables to your television and your ready to go.

To view something in HD you must use a HDMI cable. _____________________________ A 1080i signal, which is the highest video quality of HDTV in North America, can be transmitted on component video cables, although many HD boxes are losing this type of output, and Blu-Ray players made in the past few years have the component video output crippled so that the signal is pushed down to 480p (DVD quality) on this connection.

You can connect your DVD player, laptop or console to your television by using HDMI cables for high definition.

Many models do contain a place to set a DVD player. Generally when you are looking at HDTV stands this is something you should consider and it is very easy to find out whether or not the TV stand in question has a slot for DVD players.

Most HDTV televisions have the ability to have inputs from other devices like DVRs, DVD players/recorders, Cable boxes, etc. If all your's are being used you might have to unplug one of them. If the problem is that you input plugs on the HDTV just don't match the ones you have for the Xbox 360 optional cables are available that you can purchase to match your HDTV input with the Xbox 360 output. The most common of these is a HDMI cable that will be able to connect with Newer HDTVs and the Xbox 360.

Usually the cable goes straight into the TV, and the DVD connects to the TV with RCA cables, either 3 wires (composite) or 5 wires (component). Newer DVD players and TVs can also connect with a single HDMI cable. The TV controls allow you to select whether you are watching cable, component, composite or HDMI input.

Give it a good signal, using good cables. Doesn't matter whether or not you've a signal from an antenna, cable box or satellite dish or DVD. If it's an HDTV, of course, providing a HDTV signal is even better.

yes, it is possible granted that you have the right cables.

A HDTV does not always have a HDMI connection sometimes they have a component connection which is 5 RCA type plugs that are color coded 3 of them for video and 2 for audio. The HDMI connection looks rectangle and is a single plug although a HDTV can have more than one so you can connect multiple items. You need to purchase the correct cable to allow connection based on what the DVD and HDTV have for inputs and outputs. The DVD/VCR you are asking about has HDMI, component, Composite, and S-video outputs to go to the input on a HDTV or to a Regular TV with the Composite cable. Additionally it has inputs to allow recording of shows from your HDTV or regular TV only through S-Video or Composite connection to the DVD/VCR. This machine will upscale to 1080P but does not record in HD. It will also record your TV shows with it's tuner.

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