How to start an 02 volkswagen jetta The electronic immobilizer light blinks and won't start it is newly purchased and have the correct coded key?

My 2 cents about VW's electronic immobilizer:

This weekend I am now suffering my third "electronic immobilizer" disaster in my 2ooo TDI Jet. Tuesday I will be hooking my Jet to the dealer (no car all weekend + long) 40 miles away.

Suspect one of the reasons this nemesis is still part of VW's software is just part of the manufacture's promise to keep there dealers multi millionaires at cost of the worker bees…..

This is my 5th VW but sad to say, I will probably be forced to go Japanese next purchase (sad to say US mfr. do not make a car in the diesel category like the TDI Jet - nor do the Japanese yet).

IMHO: As an old VW owners, in the past decades I seem to have noticed that VW made most changes only to improve the vehicle. Seems this is not the major reason VW make engineering changes any long, hope I am wrong…….

Im a new member and an 02 Jetta owner. I recently had an experience that you need to know about concerning the electronic immobilizer. This fault light came on in my car after the battery almost went dead. My car would start but immediately quit running. I thought I had a fuel starvation problem. It took me forever to find the solution. I recharged my battery. This didn't help. I jumped the Jetta with another car. This didn't help. Then I noticed the fault light shaped like a car with a key symbol stayed on even after all the other fault lights went off. Since the car was running it was difficult to comprehend this light was the crux of the problem. Actually, i was right on my diagnosis. The car did have fuel starvation but it was due to the electronic immobilizer. I thought I had a key fab that would need to be recoded. I called a locksmith who had experience with these Jettas. Here is the issue and the fix. If your battery goes below 6.5 volts (your dash lights and door locks go crazy while starting the car) the electronic immobilizer is enabled. Your car will start but instantly stall because the fuel is being shut off to the car by the immobilizer. The fix is easy, connect a battery charger to your car (even if you just recharged your car battery) to maintain a continuous 12 volts on the system (I pulled the fuses for the daytime running lights to help). Leave the ignition switch in the on position for ten minutes. The immobilizer light should go off after ten minutes. If it does, the immobilizer has been reset and the car will start. You must turn the ignition off then start the car normally. If the immobilizer light doesn't stop flashing, leave your car on for one hour and repeat. If necessary, you may need to do this for two hours. If it still doesnt work, call a lock smith and ask if he has a VAG tool for Jettas. He can reset the fault with the VAG tools at a fraction of the expense of the dealer. You dont need to recode the key. This guy told me the keys almost never need recoding. its almost always the immobilizer that needs resetting. Also, if you know the SKC code, and you can get hold of a VAG COM tool, you can recode keys for 2002's and older Jetta. This locksmith even has another tool to get the SKC code from the instrument cluster if you cant find your cars code. Call some locksmiths! They have work arounds.

Note: once the light goes off, Turn the ignition off first before trying to start the car.

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