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Do you love your spouse; simple enough. If you love them, then you need to work on fixing what went wrong that made your love look elsewhere for support. If you don't love them enough to fix whatever went wrong, then you need to let them go and work on yourself - so when the chance for love comes again you are prepared.

If you want to stay in the marriage for love, I would suggest counseling and a pledge for the two of you to learn to be more honest with each other about your needs.

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Q: How to stay in a marriage after your spouse has an emotional affair?
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After your spouse affair do you have to stay with your marriage for the sake of your children?

There is no law that expects a spouse to stay in a marriage where their spouse has cheated just because they have children. However, if this is the first time the one spouse has cheated it is wise to realize that 'to err is human' and worth seeing a marriage counselor before deciding to end the marriage. If two people really do not love each other then they will inevitably not get along; not trust their spouse;; arguments and frustration could break out and this does not make for a good environment for children.

What do you do when you find out your spouse has had an affair but he wants to leave her and stay with you?

Up to you. Forgive him or kick him out.

What would you do if your spouse betrayed your trust would you fix your marriage or go for divorce?

If this was the first time the spouse cheated and they are remorseful and want to stay in the marriage then yes, it is worth trying to save the marriage by seeing a marriage counselor who is not there to blame either spouse, but to give them the tools to strengthen their marriage. If the spouse continually cheats then it is best to get a divorce.

Is it common for a spouse who has been repeatedly cheated on to have an affair of their own but still want to stay in the marriage?

I don't know how common it is but it is certainly possible. Sometimes they may believe that if they have an affair they may be able to get over the fact of what has been done to them and in most cases it does not work.

Do emotional affairs last?

AnswerAll relationships are emotional (whether having an affair or not) or we wouldn't get physical. Affairs with a married man or a married woman seldom work out and think of this why have an affair if the man/woman is so unhappy in their marriage, why not simply start divorce proceedings!ANSWEREmotional affair will last between a married man and the other woman until it become sexual. Emotional feelings is the start of relationship of a married man with the other woman, and it will stay because this is the bridge of their relationship.From my past experience, this was the start of the relationship from the man I married to the woman he met on a dating site. Yes he was on a dating site like her and yes both of them are still married to 2 different people. But this are, emotional affair is the most dangerous feelings a person can share with another person, that is why my life now is a bit different.Emotional affairs can and will ruin the marriage of a couple. It did mind, and one thing I found out was I never knew that this man I married has ability to be emotional with someone, but not to me.

Can you stay married and have an affair?

No you can't. If you are already married and nothing is wrong with your marriage, why think it. Have you thought of what might happen if for some odd reason you decide to do it. If you really love your spouse, I think that's the most wonderful feelings a person can have. ___ Well, actually you can legally stay married and have an affair. Ethically your actions are questionable, but not legally. There are no laws that state you must divorce if you have an affair. However, an affair can be used as grounds for a divorce. noo , your committed to that 1 person for life , that was the whole point of you getting married...your suppose to be in love , why have an affair?

You feel guilty about having an affair should you stop?

You wouldn't be asking this question if you didn't already feel there was something problematic about what's occurring. When you invest most of your focus and energies into an affair, you put other things on the shelf--your spouse/partner and your children (if any). By seeking a emotional escape with a lover, you're turning away from reality, which includes the reasons you're unsatisfied in your current life. What is missing from your life that you feel is met by the affair and your affair partner? The problems that were in your life before the affair started haven't gone away, it's just easier to ignore them when you're on the emotional 'high' that an affair creates. When that high fades for either you or your lover you'll be back to square one. You (personally) still will not be satisfied with your life. The problem with an affair is that both lovers live in a bubble--never planning on the major fallout that would occur if the affair was found out. Would you leave your spouse/partner for your lover? Would they leave their current partner for you? Can you accept that you will be seen as untrustworthy, based on your secrets and deceits? Will you be OK with being gossiped about, and possibly having your children exposed to it? Are you prepared for the possibility being asked by your spouse to leave your home and your family? What do want out of your marriage/relationship? If you want to stay with your spouse/partner, you need to focus on that relationship by ending the affair now. If you no longer want to be in you current relationship, you need to do the most integral thing for everyone concerned--notify your spouse/partner that you are ending the relationship. It is then up to you and your affair partner to decide if you have anything worth pursuing in real life.

How dangerous is an emotional affair?

Affair are dangeous because once he/she get wants ,they gonna remember that anytime they want some they can come for you.The person your havinq a affair with has a BF/GF so why stay with them move on to the next one but make sure he/she is SINGLE.

How do you return to a healthy relationship after your husband had an affair?

When a husband has had an affair and returns to his marriage he has broken the bond of trust with his spouse and he has to earn that trust back. Seeing a Marriage Counselor is always helpful as well as trying to get away together even if it is just for a weekend so both spouses can reconnect and talk things out. It takes time and patience to learn to trust the spouse that cheated. If the husband has never cheated before and this is his first time then there is hope of the marriage mending, but if he has cheated more than once the wife may have to decide whether to stay in the marriage or not. If children are involved it is not always the best choice 'to stay together for the sake of the children' because the problem of the husband cheating is still there; the wife is suspicious and arguments may break out off and on. Children often feel they are the cause of the breakup.

How will you feel if your spouse compared you to his affair partner?

No woman would want to be compared to their spouse's affair partner. When a spouse does this they are getting even for having to stay with their spouse. It hurts and cuts deeply when the cheating spouse makes comments about how much better their affair partner was. Take control and let your spouse know immediately you are not going to put up with their childish behavior and if their affair partner is so great then tell him/her (no matter how hard it is for you) that you will file for divorce as you deserve better.ANSWER:It will be a pleasure to answer this question because it did happened to me personally. When I discovered my husband's affair, I had found out that his not only admired this woman but he fell in love with her. And that is why he compared me to his "friend" aka mistress. The day he compared me to her was the day that I know, no matter how much we wanted to rebuild the relationship it will not work with me anymore. I will not be the second choice after his affair..

Is your relationship or marriage in danger of an affair?

personally i think that affairs can absolutely ruin not only your life but your partner's and if you have them, your kid's lifes. stay away at all cost for the sake of your relationship/marriage!

Do you need to know all the details of the affair?

That could be entertaining! Go for it! ANSWER: STOP, you will be making a huge mistakes. Yes it will help some but if you will rebuild your marriage, with your spouse it's not going to be easy. This affair that he or she did will stay with you for a long time. Your mind will always be in that place and it will hunt you. It will not stop because your heart is still broken and you don't have the trust. Let God solve the pain that your spouse gave you. Always remember sooner or later what goes around, comes around. Think about it and all you can do is tell your spouse your feeling, your pain, and let time heal it for you..

How do you get spouse to confess to a past affair?

Answer Why is having your spouce confess to a past affair so important? If you know about it and she doesn't want to talk about it, then perhaps it's better to move forward than stay in the shadows of the past, wouldn't you think?

Will counseling help your marriage?

Women are more accepting of marriage counseling than men. Some men will go to counseling and try, but a larger percent will go just to please their spouse and often times only half listen to what the counselor is saying. However, seeing a marriage counselor is a good idea and if your spouse does not want to cooperate then you will have to make a decision whether to stay in the marriage or not.

What is the difference between married man having affairs with another married woman to a single woman?

Cheating is cheating no matter if the woman is married or single. The only difference is the man involved feels he can have a wild affair with a married woman without commitment because she will most likely stay with her spouse and the man cheating will stay with his spouse, but if he should have an affair with a single woman she may want him to leave his wife and commit to her.

Is it necessary to ask your husband for all the details of his emotional affair?

No, it is not necessary, what is necessary is to talk about general details as why and how long was the affair. If you still want to stay, you will both need to work on trust issues and what to do now without looking backward. Good Luck

I am married he is married We didn't mean to do it but we fell in love should we hurt others to be happy for ourselves?

Well if you are not in love with your spouse and you are "cheating" on your spouse it will no doubtedly come out and they will get hurt, whether you tell them now or later, does it really matter. If you are "in love" with someone other than your spouse that will mean that you are not even giving your spouse a chance in being happy anyway, because you are unhappy, and if you stay with your spouse eventually you will resent them for your unhappiness, and who wants to live that way? I say be honest not only to your spouse but to yourself, if you stay in your marriage...nobody will be happy.

How do you stay in a relationship if he is still having an affair?

You don't stay in the relationship. It will just get worse. If he wants to be with you he wouldn't be having an affair.

Friends tell you that even though your male schizophrenic friend wants to stay chaste with you he will never commit to you he is just having a emotional affair with you only?

you need to quit seeing this boy

Should you still be intimate with your spouse even when they say they are no longer in love with you?

It's very difficult to be intimate in any way with a spouse that no longer loves you. Both of you need to sit down and communicate and decide if you are going to work on your marriage (or if you are living together) or not by seeking marriage counseling. If your spouse refuses then you need to move on with your life. Life is to short to stay with someone you no longer love or they don't love you.

Are non sexual secret love affairs harmful to a marriage?

Yes. Well let's put it this way. Say your spouse (husband/wife) has a secret non-sexual love affair. The point of marriage is for you two to love each other but how is that going to work out if one of you thinks of someone else when you think of "love". If your spouse finds out, which he/she might eventually, then it's not going to turn out for the good unless you stop seeing your secret love. It does not matter that it is not sexual because things like this happen to teenagers all the time. And jealousy is in all of us, not just teens. If you can't stay loving your married partner, then your marriage is in jeapordy because one of you isn't cut out for that marriage...

Can a student with a student visa get married in the US?

sure you can, and then you get to stay here as well. Yes, but marriage does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship to the foreign spouse.

How do you survive an emotional affair?

You don't, no one can. Emotional affair is the hardest and very painful that any of us can experience. The feel of betrayal, trust will be the main key of this annoying words, "emotional." You never thought that your spouse can be so intimate with the other man or woman. You will feel lost, uncertain of why your spouse can be so honest, emotionally connected with her or him.The only way that I know that help me survive my husband's emotional affair with his woman, is to let him go, and maybe times will help me to ease the pain he gave me.A different Answer:You can survive an emotional affair as others of us have survived: one day at a time. Sometimes you might get through one hour at a time, or one cup of coffee at a time. Although it may not seem possible, it is absolutely true that the pain will grow less over time, although it may not entirely go away. But healing is possible. In the meantime, two important tips: 1. let yourself weep and grieve. You can even set aside a specific time to cry, and a specific time to stop crying. 2. Stay away from alcohol and drugs. They do not help, but will make things worse.And please remember: others have been down this road before you. It does get better from here.

If one spouse cosigns a loan is the other spouse responsible?

Yes, so be careful. You have to be sure that you will stay with your spouse.

How does cheating ruin the trust in a marriage?

Vows were taken in a marriage to love and honor and the couple are expected to stay together for the rest of their lives. When a spouse cheats they break this bond of trust and it is extremely difficult to gain back if the spouse being cheated on doesn't ask for a divorce first. Cheating is sleazy; selfish and hurts not only the husband or wife; but any children they have and perhaps members of both sides of the family. When a spouse cheats they are not only cheating, but they are lying to their spouse.