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Either find a way to lower the compression, or use higher octane gas. Pinging is caused by premature ignition of the fuel, usually due to compression. Higher octane fuel is less combustible than lower octane fuel, so it's usually a good solution. With gasoline prices what they are today, using premium in an engine that was designed to run on regular is an expensive solution. You may end having to do that very thing but try some other things first. First have the timing checked to see if it is correct. If it is then purchase a can of a product called Seafoam Motor Tune. Put one can in the fuel tank according to the instructions on the can. I have seen this product work wonders at removing carbon deposits which can cause pinging. If one or two cans does not fully clean the carbon out, you will have to inject it directly into the intake. Do this according to the instructions on the can and follow them carefully. This should remove enough carbon deposits to stop the pinging. Pinging or pre-detonation is harmful and is something you should not ignore. Also check for any vacuum leaks, blown intake gasket, loose carb or throttle body, which can also cause pinging.

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Q: How to stop pinging in your olds with 305 engine?
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the pressure in the engine will stop it from starting (oh 305's are shite)

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No vehicle or engine type

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