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if they work loose, the tabs that keep them from shifting are broken. replace them. its called a "fitting kit" if you get them from the dealer. theyre inexpensive and simple to replace.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-26 21:09:19
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Q: How to stop the brake pad metal tabs from working loose in Toyota Highlander 2001?
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How do you determine why the stop lights on a 1992 Toyota truck stopped working?

Blown fuse, blown bulbs, loose wire, corroded bulb sockets, or defective brake light switch.

2001 Toyota Highlander clock and ac heater controls stopped working?

Did the controls themselves stop working or just the lights behind the control panel? First thing would be to check the fuses that control these accessories. If the fuses are okay, I would then suspect the wiring behind the dash to have come disconnected or loose.

Chevy Malibu right side brake light not working?

A couple things can cause your right side brake light to stop working. The most common cause is a burnt out lightbulb. A loose ground wire can also cause it to stop working.

Your 1988 Toyota Cressia's dashboard lights go off and on when you press on the brake Why is this?

probably a short between the dash and brake switch. it may just be a loose connection. hope it helps. duboff

How would you replace the emergency brake handle on a 1986 Toyota Tercel wagon?

Buy a new one and you will see what all you have to take loose.

The brake lights tail lights and dash lights quit working?

check your ground wires...they might be loose or detached.

Chrysler Town and Country brake lights not working?

check fuses if no luck check the brake pedal switch down under the dash by the pedal or check for a loose ground

Will a standard filter wrench fit a 2008 Toyota Highlander oil filter?

No. 2008 highlander has a aluminum filter housing you need to remove with a special type of filter wrench. I was able to tap mine loose without a wrench but it could be at 24n-m tight which is difficult to loosen.

Why are the brake lights not working on a 1988 Ford country squire?

Can be a few things. Blown fuse, defective or out of adjustment brake light switch, blown brake light bulbs, loose or corroded wiring, or corroded bulb sockets.

Why did the leveling system quit working?

There are many reasons why the leveling system will quit working. The first thing to check would be the brake interlock wires, one may have come loose.

What would cause a knocking sound underneath when you let off the brake and hit accelerator on a 1999 Toyota Solora?

loose exhaust pipe or muffler is most common

Is it possible to make a copy from the master key of the Toyota Highlander Is it expensive?

yes,it is expensive 125.00 but if you loose the master key it will run 500.00 and 1000.00 to get a new computer plus 75.00 to reprogram.the master is the only key that opens the glove box.i know this first hand i bought a used Toyota 2003 highlander with no master and had to fight the dealer to eat up the cost and still had to pay for programming and a remote.

Is it a fuse out when the rear passenger brake light is out on 2003 trailblazer?

If the other side is still working it is not the fuse. its more likely a bulb or loose wiring.

Why does 1995 Toyota Tacoma pulley keeps coming loose why Tacoma?

i have a 1998 Toyota tacoma pickup the pulley is loose on it does it free float or what

When brake is applied car pulls to the LEFT?

Sticky caliper, worn brake pads, loose ball joint, loose tie rod end.

Why is the brake petal soft on your 93 Toyota 4Runner after you changed the brake pads?

You need to bleed the brakes. Loosen the bleeder valve on one of the calipers and have someone press and hold the brake pedal. Tighten the valve and release the brake pedal. (If you let off of the pedal with the valve loose, air will be drawn into the system and make the problem worse.)

Why ar the brakes loose on a 92 Toyota carmy what to do?

If you mean loose as in the brake pedal is low, front of car nosediving when you apply brakes,your rear brake shoes are 1-out of adjustment,2 wore out and need replacing.You can diagnose this by raising parking brake lever,and hitting the brake pedal. If pedal is higher then the diagnosis is proven,if not,you have hydraulic problem-ie.fluid leak,front caliper guide pins stuck,master cylinder bypassing,needing replaced.

How do you change brake rotor on a 1980 Malibu?

You remove the brake caliper frame and rotor is then loose.

What does it mean when you brake and they make a clapping noise?

Brake pads could be loose or falling apart.

Why do brake lights and stop lamp light remain on on a Mercedes?

Switch loose or faulty? Check if the switch is fitted to the brake pedal. Perhaps the bracket has worked loose.

Removing the rear brake drums on a 1988 ford ranger?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1988 Ford Ranger pickup truck. Remove the brake pads. When the brake drum is not loose you can tap on it with a hammer or mallet. Once the brake drum is loose it will slide off.

What would cause a 1990 Toyota Camry's odometer to stop working?

If the speedometer doesn't work either, then the cable broke or came loose. Otherwise, the gears in the odometer broke.

Why is my Offside rear brake recording little or no effort?

Air in the brake lines. Severly worn break pads. Worn brake boost piston. Cracked brake line on that brake. Loose brake line.

I installed new brake light switch on 1994 Chevy pickup truck but brake lights work now and then.?

Check for a loose connection Check for a loose fuse in the fuse box Check for an open wire in the brake light circuit

Why does your brake light not work when the headlights are on?

Shouldn't have anything to do with it. The brake lights are on a completely different circuit than the headlights. If your brake lights are not working check the switch on the brake pedal. Before you do that check the fuse first. If the fuse is all right it is probably the brake light switch which is bad. Check the bulbs to see if they are burned out. If you can't tell, replace them anyway. If the Brake switch is good and the fuse is good, you may have a loose wire, or a bad wire.