How to stop the front tires squeaking if power steering fluid is full 1995 dodge neon?

Squeaking tires has nothing to do with the power steering. If you are talking about a squealing power steering belt, then the belt is either loose or worn out and needs replacing. If the pump itself is squealing, and the belt is tight and in good shape and fluid level is full, the pump is bad. on my 1995 dodge neon the AC compressor had seized and since this unit shares the belt with the power steering pump the belt used to squeal like crazy and eventually would break. if this is the case you can go to the dealer and get a belt that would bypass the AC compressor (leave out of the loop) and of course there would be no AC in the car. i had the same problem w/ my 95, i just cut the belt, drove home and bought a 41 INCH belt to bypass the a/c I had squeeky brakes on my 96 dodge neon (expecially after it rained). I just cleaned them off with an air hose and then believe it or sprayed a little window cleaner and wd40 on the drums..ect. I also hear washing with dish soap works as well.