How to take out the radio in a 1995 Mercury Cougar?

Answer; how to remove stereo

Its quite hard actually, the small holes on the sides of the unit itself are actually the hard part. Ok, first you have to cut 2 pieces of a coat-hanger and bend them into a u-shape then press very hard into the small holes, (it will release the clips that hold in the head-unit. The u-shaped coat hangers need to be about 3-4 inches long to work. then with some Muscle and a little luck it should slide right out. I hope that helps.

Addition to Answer:

There are 4 holes; 2 on the left and 2 on the right. Behind the holes on either side is a clip that snaps the radio chassis into place within the dash board. The holes allow you to insert a tool/coat hanger into the holes, depressing the clip and allowing the stereo to pull out. The clip is split, meaning the top half and bottom half need to be compressed at the same time, and the radio barely fits into the dash, meaning you really should compress all 4 clips at the same time. Otherwise, you are working the radio back and forth and snapping the clips on back on accidentally.

As the original author stated, you can bend a coat hanger into a U-shape. You will need two of these, and they will need to poke behind the radio at least 4 inches. BEWARE OF DOING THIS, HOWEVER. I tried this with my radio - the clips actually cut into the metal of the coathanger (they are sharp and a hard metal, the coat hanger is not) and I couldn't pull them out! Eventually, I had to rip the coathangers out of the dashboard, breaking the metal clip inside and making it very difficult.

The tools are readily available at any auto parts store or even Walmart, and include notches on the end to push the clip in and grip it at the same time, pulling the radio out from the back and making it really easy.


I read all this and i made a u tool and then I

1. stuck it in "4 inches"

2. got a hammer and chisel and broke off the raido front plate until I had a visual on those freakin clips everyone knows about

3. Vise-griped the whatever and pried and proded until my woman had a made in Korea in her arms to deposit into the dumpster i rented

4. then i installed my new alpine


1. get some fine grit sandpaper and smooth out the roughed up spot you put into the whatever on the side of your new stereo

2. keep your head out of the clouds ! You should feel accomplished!