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on a 3.1 at the bottom of the shaft there is a pin you knock it out then push the shaft out the top

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Q: How to take shaft distributor off?
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Does the magnet on the distributor shaft slide off?

The distributor will need to be removed. The magnet is permanently attached to the distributor shaft and the shaft is held in place by a roll-pin thatpasses through the distributor drive gear on the bottom side of the distributor. Magnet on top, gear down in the engine, distributor shaft and housing in the middle.

Do you have to remove the distributor to replace the stator in a 90 Chevy 350?

Yes you do. You have to take the distributor shaft out of the distributor to Remove the pick-up coil / stator.

How do you remove hall effect sensor in 1998 vw jetta?

First remove distributor cap. loosen the bolt that holds down distributor and take holding plate of MAKE SURE YOU MARK DISTRIBUTOR POSITION AGAINST BLOCK AND ROTOR AGAINST DISTRIBUTOR HOUSING. pull out distributor from engine. now take out the pin that holds the gear on the distributor rotor shaft take the gear of the shaft, position of gear on shaft is not important. now from the the top of the distriburator pull the rotor shaft out and wow la. camshaft position sensor is ready to be taken out. To install just reverse the steps and when you ready to install the gear on shaft make sure that the gears is against the distributor housing and not on the tip of the shaft (up side down). installing distributor on engine. install the the rotor on shaft and turn it about 20 degrees clock wise so when you push the distributor into the engine is going to turn back to the original position. You are welcome jcdl. 7-10-08

Were is the oil pump on a 4.3 front or back of the pan?

Back, it is driven off the distributor shaft.

Which shafts are present in a car?

Axle shaft, steering shaft, drive shaft, distributor shaft

How do you check distributor play in GM 4.3 engine?

Pop the distributor cap off and wiggle the rotor side to side. There should be no play in the shaft.

How do you replace a distributor rotor on a 1989 Dodge Dynasty?

# Unplug the distributor connector from wiring harness connector # Loosen the distributor cap retaining screws # Label and disconnect the spark plug cables from the distributor cap # Lift the cap off of the distributor # Note in which direction the distributor spark pick-up is pointing then pull the rotor off of the distributor shaft

How do you take apart the distributor on a 1986 Chevy Celebrity 2.5L engine?

To dismantle the distributor already off of the engine: 1. Mark the position of the drive gear on both the gear and the shaft so they can be put back together in the same location. 2. Support the body of the distributor and using a suitable drift punch the drive pin out of the gear and shaft and remove gear. 3. The shaft will now come up through the distributor housing, and is essentially taken apart. 4. To remove the pickup coil remove the clip that holds it in place and take it out. 5. To remove the ignition module take out the screws.

How do you take the center supporter off the front drive shaft?

You have to remove the drive shaft and take to to a machine shop. It has to be pressed off Rob

How do you take off a crank shaft pulley?

how to get the crank shaft pulley off of a 03 Hyundai elanta GLS

What would cause 91 4-runner distributor to slice contacts with the rotor and how would you fix this?

Take off cap, check for slack in dist. bushings, See if the shaft can move side to side?, I bet so, Replace the distributor.

How do you tighten the Distributer shaft on a GMC 350?

if the shaft is loose in the distributor, you either need to rebuild or replace distributor.if distributor itself is loose there is a bolt at the base of the distributor that holds it in place

How do you repair the pickup in the distributor of a 1985 GMC 6 cylinder?

Just did this myself have to take the distributor off the motor. At the bottom of the distributor shaff, there is a pin. Knock the pin out, pull the shaft out from the bottom. The pick up is on top. Pull the clip washer off and remove the old pick up. Install the new pick up, plug the wires into the electronic ignition, Install the new (comes in the box) clip in place to hold the new pick up in place. Slide the shaft back into the distributor (from the bottom up) install the pin in the bottom of the shaft and you're finished. Put the distrubitor back on the motor. That's it.

1988 Ford 300 ci distributor not turning when cranking engine?

Either the gear on the end of the distributor shaft is chewed off or the gear that drives it is . Possibly broken cam.

Where is the oil pump on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

Inside the engine oil pan, at the bottom of the distributor drive shaft.Inside the engine oil pan, at the bottom of the distributor drive shaft.

Where is the distributor shaft on a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 4.7?

The 4.7 does not have a distributor.

How do you remove an airplane propeller?

you take it off the shaft

How do you take grip off a lacrosse shaft?

no you cant

How do you remove a distributor drive shaft on a vw beetle engine?

Two choices: use the special distributor drive puller, or take the engine completely apart. I recommend the puller.

Is the distributor shaft on a 1984 b2000 one solid piece?

Yes it is a one piece shaft.

How do you take off the rotor from distributor of a 1998 Nissan Altima?

Remove distributor cap Either lift off rotor or unscrew and lift off is so equipped

What is an auxillary shaft for a el Ford Falcon?

the aux shaft your refering to is the shaft which runs of the the timing chain which in turn drives the distributor.

How do you install a rotor cap in a Chevy Silverado?

all you should have to do is take the distributor cap off, and there it is. answer take the distributor cap off, pull the old rotor off, put the new one on, put the cap back on.

4.3 gets fire to the coil but not out of thr distributor?

change the rotor. spark shorting to distributor shaft

Why wont a distributer turn?

if your talking about when your cranking the engine over with the cap off, then you have a broken distributor gear or shaft or bad camshaft gear.