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How to tell if a guy likes you?

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Take it from somebody who knows. I sit by a dude in 4th and 6th period. He makes up anything stupid to say just to talk to me. I always catch him looking at me too. He always faces me when he is sitting in his chair. Guys will pretty much do anything to get your attention if they are into you!

me too! i sit by a guy i like in mainly 4 classes hes always sneaking glances at me and we talk but keep it casual friend talk... nothing flirty so far its going good but i want to take it a step farther...

Totally mah friends!!! So, for a month there has been a guy that likes me. Somehow, all my friends could tell except... ME. So I asked them how they know this and here's what they said:

  • He stares at you CONSTANTLY(or gives you quick glances)
  • He tries to annoy you or poke you, push you, etc just so he can be around you.
  • If you stick your tongue out at him or do something to that effect, he'll copy you then smile.
  • He gives you random stuff he "found in his pocket". (I got a bracelet, but a crappy one at that.)
  • When u walk pass he will look into ur eyes (unless he is shy he will put his head down)
  • Whenever he gets a chance he will look straight into ur eye (once again unless he is shy he will look awaya quickly)
  • He would be nice to u if he is alone around u and if he is wit his friends he will anoye u
  • He will pick on u wheneva he gets a chance...(playing around)
  • His friends will always look at u when ur wlkin pass and tease him
  • his friends will try to push him into u or jst say lovez in the air...or olalala(abit girly i know buts guyz do, do that)
  • He mite follow u around
  • if u sit around where he does at lunch time..n ur not around sumtimez..he will cum looking for u....
  • he mite be staring at u but would pretend to be looking at sumthin next to u or behind u (thats wat my crush fact..
  • he will get jealous if u comment his friend or when ur wit sum other guy or hugging sum other guy..;p

So yah. That's how I tell. HOPE IT HELPS!!!!

You can tell a guy likes you when he treats you with respect and cares how you feel. He also gives you a lot of attention. If you want to be sure, just ask him.

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How to tell if a guy likes you-?

You can only tell for sure that a guy likes you if he says so.

I cant tell if this guy likes me?

to tell if a guy likes you just be yourself around him and if he really likes you and he can tell your comfortable around him then you will know

How do you tell if a guy likes youI?

Tell him

How do you tell if a gay guy likes me?

The same way you tell if a girl likes you.

How do you tell if the guy is in love with you?

if he likes you for who you are

How do you tell if guy likes you?

if he hits on you

How do you get a guy to tell you if he likes you?

you can get a guy to tell you if he likes you by just being yourself or just coming out and asking him, "hey do you like me?" what do you have to loose?

How do you tell if a guy likes you in fourth grade?

If you are in 4th grade, to tell if a guy likes you is:If he is always bugging you.If he always talks to you.If he smiles at you.

How can you tell if a guy you like likes your friend and not you?

if a guy likes ur friend he will flirt with her and not u.

How can you tell if a guy likes you when his girlfriend is around?

If a guy likes you he will turn around and look in your eyes.

What if a guy likes you but you don't like him?

if a guy likes you but you dont like him, tell him your not in to him and say sorry.

How can you tell if a straight guy likes a gay guy?

If he flirts.

What to do if a guy likes you and your a guy?

I will tell him to stop,or i will like him back

How can you tell if a guy likes you or if u like him a lot?

You can tell if a guy likes you or if you like him a lot if you often spend time with each other.

What do you do when a guy likes you and you dont like him but you like this other dude that possibly likes you?

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

What do you do when your best friend likes a guy and that guy likes you?

well tell him how you feel and if you like him then tell him that your friend likes him and all of you get together and discuss how to solve the problem and if she gets mad with you then tell that guy that likes you to talk to your friend and explain to her how he feels about you so she can know that she has to move on or if not tell HER what's going on with him and you Good Luck .....

What is the easiest way to tell if a guy likes you?

The way you could tell if a guy likes you is by the way he reacts around you and especially if he runs away from you now that's how you find out if he likes you.

Would a guy tell another guy to tell you that he likes you and then act like he didn't?


How do you get rid of a guy who likes you?

Tell him your straight.

How do you tell if a goth guy likes you?


How can you tell if a guy has feelings for you?

If he likes you, you will know.

How do you make a guy tell you he likes you?

You have to ask him.

How can you tell when a guy likes a girl?

Ask Him

How do you tell if the guy likes you?

Trust me. You will know.

How can you tell if a guy likes m?

Ask him.